It may take several years for cryptocurrencies to get back into the boom. They are subject to the same economic cycles as the stock market or the bond market – All the news

– The cryptocurrency market is speculative. It looks like the high volatility and speculative nature of these assets will continue for some time. However, as larger players enter this market, liquidity will also increase, which will provide a little more stabilization. As far as we can talk about it at all in the case of … Read more

News overview: cryptocurrencies and blockchain [27.06.2022] | posts

Kryptowaluty & blockchain, news from June 24, 2022 Contents: 7:00 p.m. Qatar will launch its own CBDC Qatar Central Bank Governor Sheikh Bandar has revealed that the financial institution intends to issue a digital form of its national currency. To do this, however, he must first find the appropriate technology and weigh the possible advantages … Read more

Technology used by online casinos

The online gambling industry has long surpassed its land-based casino counterpart in terms of innovation. In online gambling houses we will not only find virtual versions of popular slot machines such as Hot Chance or other Gaminators. Each online casino is a marriage of several new technologies that ensure the proper functioning of the entire … Read more

F1 22 review – Gamereactor

With EA’s purchase of Codemasters, many racing fans are concerned about F1 games and where the series is headed. We won’t claim it’s EA’s fault, but F1 22 brings new things we really don’t see the need for in our favorite freewheeling video game. Let’s start with the obvious content that is not needed in … Read more