e-legnickie.pl – The phenomenon of immersion was discussed at the Letia Business Center (PHOTO)

LEGNICA. At the conference center of the Letia Business Center, the Polska Miedź employers’ union organized the conference “We discover the secrets of virtual reality and augmented reality. How are immersive technologies changing Polish business? The honorary patronage of the conference was assumed by the Ministry of Development and Technology and Grzegorz Macko – Deputy Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. The meeting brought together more than a hundred representatives from businesses, local governments, scientists and experts from technology companies. – The future of technology depends – to a large extent – on discovering new ways of interacting, and since interactivity is always a two-way relationship, equipping machines with senses will elevate our interactions with technology to a higher level – said Beata STASZKÓW, President of the Association of Employers of Polska Miedź.

Currently, virtual reality technology is developing very rapidly. However, it is a bit cumbersome to use. You still have to put on more or less uncomfortable glasses and put headphones in your ears. We have to go on special treadmills – if we want to move in the VR world like in the real world and wear appropriate gloves or suits that transmit touch to our body. Thanks to these solutions, we are able to create immersion, but getting into it is relatively difficult. However, in the next few years, the situation will change dramatically. Miniature systems will be created that will stick to our body in a virtually non-invasive way. Instead of glasses, we will put special lenses on our eyes and headphones will replace small systems the size of a battery for a watch – glued behind the ear. Such solutions will significantly improve the level of immersion.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are examples of immersive technologies that are changing the world around us. Until now, they were often associated with entertainment. However, this is only a fraction of the possibilities of VR and AR. These technologies can significantly affect the efficiency of commercial and industrial operations.

Experts from technological and industrial companies, university teachers, representatives of the local administration, the special economic zone of Legnica, speakers revealing behind the scenes of virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as many other guests brands discussed it.

How to effectively use the possibilities of VR and AR? How to accelerate the development of the company and increase its competitiveness thanks to immersion technologies? How are human resources evolving in the era of digital transformation? – Legnica sought answers to these and other questions in a conference lasting several hours.

Immersive learning theme was also included in Letia Biznes Center. An expert in this field explained how VR technology can be used in training and integration in companies Kamila Kowalska.

The following people have spoken about virtual reality (VR) as a tool to help business development: Dorota Paszynska and Maria Jeružalska from HTC Vive. On the other hand Radoslaw DąbrowskiChairman of the Management Board and Piotr Lason, Director of Digital Services Operations at Climbex sp.Zoo (Impel Group) presented how they use technical and technological innovations related to virtual reality and augmented reality in the services they provide. He gave an interesting talk on how AR (augmented reality) technology is increasingly being used in industry Mateusz TokarskyCreative Director at Giant Lazer VR/AR development studio.

– We want to help entrepreneurs and the administration to face the new reality brought by the technological revolution – he says Beata STASZKOW and it must be admitted that this task as well as the mission of the Polish Employers’ Union of Miedź succeeded brilliantly…

He put it well Jerzy NADOLNY, president of Mine Master sp. z oo: – Immersion is an extremely important concept in the world of VR experiences. It will become increasingly important in the years to come. The higher the level of immersion, the greater the involvement of the user, and that is what virtual reality is for. Nowadays, the level of engagement is an extremely strong, important and desirable good for which users and customers are willing to pay dearly. Its large-scale use in industry offers completely new opportunities and it is good that the Polska Miedź Employers’ Union is taking on new challenges with this conference.

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