How to choose a smartphone charger?

Choosing the right accessories for your phone isn’t always easy. The matter gets complicated when you have to make a decision about buying the right charger, which, as you surely know, is essential equipment for any mobile device. Everything would be simple, if it weren’t for the fact that nowadays when buying a new smartphone you rarely get a complete set of equipment. If you are wondering how to choose a phone charger, you have come to the right place, because in this article you will learn how to do it and learn some interesting tips about it.

How to choose a phone charger?

Choosing the right charger is an important process. Thanks to it, you will be sure that your smartphone will be charged in the right way and that nothing will disturb its operation afterwards. Below you will find valuable information on selecting a charger.

The right choice of power

Discover the power you need. A suitable unit in this case is the watt. This information is often found in the specifications of the phone or in the manual. Typically, mobile devices need 18 to 65 watts to charge. A wide selection of chargers is available at

Hardware compatibility

Choose the right charger that matches both the energy needs and the standard of your device. Thanks to this, you will avoid a too long charging process and the risk of damaging your equipment.

Number of devices

If you plan to charge multiple devices with a single charger, it’s best to check that it can share enough power across all of its ports for your devices and that each port supports the required standards. There are several possibilities. Maybe you plan to charge all your devices with one cable, or are you planning to buy a multi-branch charger?

How to choose a smartphone charger for different occasions?

There are two key considerations when choosing a travel adapter, power bank, or wireless phone charger. The first is the amount of energy you will need. Fortunately, manufacturers often list the maximum charging power their device can achieve on the spec sheet. Generally speaking, phones range from 18-65W, tablets up to 45W, and laptops from 65-100W. Smaller gadgets like headphones can usually handle a base load of 5W or 10W If you want more information on this, check out the article on the website.

The second aspect is the charging standard required to achieve the appropriate power level. This won’t be easy as devices often support many standards that offer different power options. This is especially true for ultra-fast Chinese smartphones which use proprietary standards to ensure a very high level of power. Fortunately, these devices almost always come with chargers in the box. Even then, you’ll probably want to know about emergency charging protocol if you’re considering buying a rechargeable hub or power bank that’s perfect for charging your phone when you’re away for a long time or even for a walk.

How to find the right charging standard?

If your device uses a proprietary charging standard or comes with an adapter, you will get the fastest charging speeds using the plug provided in the box or, failing that, a similar plug from the same brand that offers equivalent power during charging. Reusing plugins from old devices is a great idea. You should know that it is worth trying.

Providing the right charging standard is a headache if your phone doesn’t come with the charger in the box or if you’re looking for a power bank that will work well with all your gadgets. The best place to start your search is with a special manufacturer’s product specialization document. When buying a charger, also remember to check the recommendations of other users. is definitely a store worth checking out.

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