Paid VR mod for Elden Ring in Early Access

For some time, work has been underway on a mod that allows FromSoftware’s work to be played with virtual reality glasses. The author of the modification – currently in the early access phase – is Luke Ross sharing the results of his work on Patreon.

Ring of Elden in the VR version?

The modification, in addition to the standard – in this type of productions – the view from the eyes of the hero, adds some additional options to the game that allow you to change the camera settings without the need to take the first person perspective . Thanks to the changes, compared to the original, the feeling of being integrated into the game world grows, while eliminating the problems that the early stage of the mod is currently struggling with. There is a lot of work ahead of Luke Ross, but looking at the results of his previous work, we can be confident of satisfying results and extraordinary solutions. The menu implemented, at this stage of development, allows you to pause the game and disable enemy and NPC AI, so you can easily explore the midlands and admire the title’s artistry from a completely new. At last magnum opus FromSoftware studios are amazing in this regard, which is clearly demonstrated in the 10/10 reviews for Ring of Eldenwhich was prepared by our editorial colleague and souls fan – Michał Chyła.

VR VR mod issues at Ring of Elden

The production can be accused of the fact that the combat mechanics were not designed with virtual reality in mind and it shows. We can deduce from the immersion that the camera remains static while driving. During the game, many interpenetrating textures and models are visible – it gives the impression of an unbalanced object collision systemdespite the fact that such a problem is really in Ring of Elden does not exist because the game has precise controls and simple but predictable physics.

The problems with the converted version increase at the time of skirmishes. This is also when – known to the base – drops in the frame count of the opponents animation appear, even if the game itself is running correctly. The problem is that v Ring of Elden This was usually the case in the far field, where the graphics level of detail (LOD) began to drop, and with it the fluidity of NPC and enemy movement (optimization issues). In the case of the VR edition, this negative effect can be seen much more often and also when enemies are close. It’s hard for me to determine if this is due to the limitations of the engine used in the production of this year’s blockbuster, or if it’s due to the struggle to make every additional frame generated by our equipment for the game to meet the specific requirements smoother image display when using glasses.

Combat seems to lack depth and characterbecause you can’t see (or feel during gameplay?) the force and weight of the weapon you’re wielding, and the strikes you make feel chaotic and imprecise. Sometimes you can see the swing being performed, and other times only the sound of the game informs us of the action. The relatively finest aspect seems to be the use of the dial, although it’s not perfect here either. But…

VR in Cyberpunk 2077 thanks to a paid mod by Luke Ross

More exceptions than rules

Despite the aforementioned flaws – I am in a good mood and I support the author, as I appreciate his actions so far, and the title change is in the early access stage. Luke Ross, who describes himself with the words “independent programmer and VR enthusiast”, does not abandon projects, constantly develops and improves them, and ensures that they remain functional even after official patches, which sometimes obsolete editions VR and force the introduction of new fixes. All this allows us to believe that the project will take the right shape over time and will come down to gameplay in Ring of Elden to a new level offering a totally different experience for Soulslike fans. A matter of time.

Own study based on Steam

Virtual Reality on Steam

Playing with VR glasses was not and is not popular. There is still a lack of big full-fledged productions based on this technology and it has not even changed this state of affairs. Half-Life: Alyxdespite the fact that he was very successful. Five industry nominations for HL: A GDCA from last year in the Game of the Year category, Best Design, Technology, Innovation and – finally – Best VR Game 2021 are impressive, but still not sufficient. Even despite winning the Best VR Game of 2021 statuette and the fact that no one would rub their eyes in amazement if Uncle Gaben’s production reaped more deserved laurels.

Additionally, of the top 100 most popular items on Steam, there is now (06/06/2022) only one designed from the ground up with VR in mind and is VRChat – is in the middle of the pack. Statistically, less than 2% of gamers using Steam (April 2022 data) have the necessary equipment to be able to reach the highest level of immersion and be absorbed by virtual reality. It should be mentioned that the trend is up, but only The transition from VR to mainstream appears to be slowif possible to achieve in the years to come.

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