Nintendo Switch Sports is a drop in the ocean. Here are the best motion games of recent years

Coat of arms

Another 2020 title – this time aimed primarily at VR devices. Blaston (not to be confused with the PS1 Blasto) is a classic example of a VR shooter, where it’s more important than just loading bullets at our enemies to avoid those that come our way. If you want to feel like Max Payne or Neo, it’s definitely worth checking out – short, but the price tag isn’t a deterrent.

beat the saber

It is also worth mentioning the classic, about which I have already written several times. The game quickly gained iconic status and became a title that many other games based on similar assumptions aspire to. The rules are very simple here, and the satisfaction of going through successive boards can really squeeze our endorphins. I recommend to play, you have to feel it.

Knockout League

Maybe recommend something lesser known? If so, the Knockout League will be great here. The game is based on the rules of boxing fights, but it does so with the right amount of humor. In fact, our opponents are often comical animals that try to land blows on us in rather unusual ways. You have to move a lot, hit a lot and knock out as much as possible. You may sweat a little. Anyway… Search for yourself!

Ring shaped adventure

There are probably not many people who have not heard of this title! Nintendo has done a great job of combining the RPG formula with movement gameplay. We move with the strength of our muscles and we fight the same way. I guarantee you can get tired, and the ability to change the difficulty level makes it impossible to get your muscles used to schematic action. In addition, the range of exercises here is extremely wide. I recommend it if you haven’t had the chance.

Just Dane 2022

Another classic from the list and at the same time another title that is simply impossible not to know. Just Dance is a very recognized series that has accompanied all console dance fans for many years. If you like to move and know the latest radio hits by heart, there’s probably no better way to spend some active time in your own four walls. It’s a simple formula that turned out to be a bullseye.

Zumba: burn it

I remember a few years ago when there was a huge zumba craze. Literally one in three girls around me, regardless of age, have trained alone in front of YouTube videos or taken classes at the nearest gym. The combination of intense movements with tropical musical movements can really be enjoyed and… Burn a lot of calories. It’s the same in Zumba: Burn It Up, where the title perfectly reflects what’s there.

active arcade

The man does not live only consoles, is not it? For this reason, I have a game for you that was released on iOS and Android devices and allowed us to practice using our smartphones. The arcade games may have been simple, but given that the title is still relatively popular, that turned out to be enough. Let me know if you’ve had a chance to try this title.


Released in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch Arms, it might not be a game meant to tire us out, but it certainly can. The optional ability to duel while using Joy-Con and their motion sensors is great fun and has you waking up the next morning with a lot of sore muscles. If you have this title, and have only played “classic”, be sure to have a slightly different experience.

Jump Rope Challenge

Finally, it is worth mentioning the free and mundane production available on Nintendo. This item unexpectedly landed on Switch in 2020 and is even too simple in its assumptions. We grab Joy-Cony, position ourselves in front of the screen and start jumping on an invisible rope, so our virtual bunny actually jumps over the rope. Nothing big, and it can pull in and acidify muscles.

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