Rediscover music and games with the MyForce sweatshirt

We already know the structure of the MyForce sweatshirt. You could say that thanks to you, we got to know her inside and out. From our private conversation, I know you built the control board yourself. You made the membranes yourself. You also wrote Soft yourself. You even invested in your own sewing room! All of this costs money. How do you get funds for this (not just for production, but also for advertising)?

I have already said that our team is made up of passionate people. This human capital is invaluable. We entered a company, a start-up. Today is a formal creation, but before that we met and did our work. In fact, we have financed all this work out of our own pocket through professional activities that we carry out on a daily basis.

And then Code Addict finally appeared, and this one is huge support for MyForce – both software and hardware. We have a lot of support from this source, Code Addict is finally listed on NewConnect, so it has a lot of opportunities, it opens a lot of doors.

In the beginning, however, we mostly relied on the desire to build something cool and our own pocket.

You keep emphasizing the strength of this group of haymakers, and did you know each other before?

It’s no secret that we knew each other before. We met quite a long time ago and our paths crossed, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, as each went their own way, but in general we stayed in touch. It was crucial to build trust in the group, especially in the beginning when everything is totally unknown. We knew exactly who could bring what. Our relationship has undoubtedly been strengthened by the MyForce project. As a result, we became convinced that it was worth it.

Kamil, if you had to give the proportions, how important is the clothing aspect that directly surrounds the user in the MyForce software?

First I meant half and half, ultimately I’m inclined to say 60/40 in favor of the software. Because even if we have built a super advanced framework to process a huge number of stimuli, we will not do much without an application and without a control module capable of managing all the processes.

What is the price of MyForce, you madman?

It remains to be wondered how much ultimately are you going to set the price of your product (unless it’s still a secret)?

In the current situation, with rising costs and inflation, it is very difficult to come up with a final price for something that will appear in a while. Today we are aiming for 1200 PLN each. And it seems doable.

That’s a lot of money! Aren’t you worried that it’s more cost effective to order something from Asia, where LED clothing is all the rage?

Is it really a lot? It depends on how you look at it. When you consider the actual capabilities and functions of this sweatshirt, it’s not that much. When setting the price, we (like everyone else) rely on the margin, and that’s in the market. Increasing the amount is not our goal. Especially since it is difficult to go below a certain ceiling.

It consists of components, sewing room work, application and patents. For this, some gold margins and 1200 PLN are earned. And yet, we would like the sale of this product to be profitable and generate funds for investments in new projects.

Our first contact started with an email containing information about: wear-tech clothing for recipients in the gaming, esports and music industries. But is it really so? Does the price put the sweatshirt in the category of eccentrics, nerds or young bananas who will shine in the company of LEDs sewn on the chest, and the others will look at them with envy?

While working on the MyForce sweatshirt, we tried to create a product that was as universal as possible in terms of user. This means the sweatshirt will connect to Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. It will connect to computer and smartphone. MyForce works with Android, iOS and Windows. You pair it with on-ear and in-ear headphones. The key to connectivity is Bluetooth.

We don’t lock ourselves into a single ecosystem, nor do we want to be seen through the prism of a group of recipients. I am aware that the sweatshirt does not offer much at the moment, but it is intended to make you rediscover what is known.

At first you mentioned that while you sat in your hoodie you listened Prodigy and you played Forza. You remember it well, and we want to reach a wider audience with it. Let them feel the musical effects on their bodies as concert stimuli. Now we are stepping out of the reality of confinement, which has stuck us with such experiences. MyForce allows you to have them with you. And this is one of the functions that can be implemented.

I’m inclined to say that the real value of MyForce only comes out against the cost of the sweatshirt.

However great your success, will you follow suit by creating another wear-tech to complete the package? A hat, pants or jacket – maybe even a gamer costume? That not only the player’s cave was created, but also a cocoon for the player!

Definitely yes! I can imagine a complete outfit, a gaming tracksuit in which you can feel everything the character shows on the screen. Damage received in Mortal Kombat, fire in Call of Duty, etc. We want to go in this direction, we want to create such products.

Finally, I would like to ask: when is the premiere of the MyForce sweatshirt?

Pre-orders and the first meeting with the public in the form of fundraising will take place in the fall of 2022. Then, if nothing happens along the way, we will visit Kickstarter. The premiere itself – I think the first quarter of 2023 is completely real.

Contrary to appearances, there is not much time left and our hands are full. We believe in our project 🙂

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