Barbara Kurdej-Satan in therapy. The actress confessed the whole truth

Barbara Kurdej-Satan he has five minutes behind him. After last year’s scandal, which she caused by posting an entry full of vulgarism, hitting the Polish border guards, the actress is trying to work to rebuild her image. Unfortunately, the effects of the media storm are still being felt. The celebrity no longer receives as many offers as before. Gossip sites are also silent about him. Kurdej-Satan she had quite a difficult period of her life behind her.

The star does not hide that meetings with a therapist helped her a lot to overcome her own weaknesses. In an interview with the portal “Jastrząb Post”, the celebrity confessed how much the sessions with a psychologist contributed to his life.

Interestingly, at first the actress did not want to decide to see a psychologist at all. She was convinced that it was not necessary for her.

Barbara Kurdej-Satan she does not hide that the meeting with a specialist did her good. The actress would now like to use her own experience and share it with others. Therefore, she started a helpline as part of her foundation. Thanks to her, everyone can report their problems and benefit from professional support.

The “Z impulsion du cœur” Foundation, founded by the actress, will lead, among other things, educational activities for children and young people. In addition, the organization aims to support people in need. The star would like to support at this time especially the people who suffered as a result of the humanitarian crisis on the eastern border of Poland, as well as the refugees from Ukraine.

The actress realizes that Poles may already be tired of the constant fundraising that takes place on the Internet. Kurdej-Satan However, she hopes that this time too Internet users will not disappoint and support her project.

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