Car video recorder – indispensable in the car

The car dvr is a unique camera designed specifically for drivers. It is mainly used to record sound and images in the best possible way during day or night. Depending on the model, it can record not only what is in front of the car (view through the windscreen), but also in the passenger compartment (second lens facing inwards) or behind the vehicle (rear window camera additional). And that’s not all.

Contrary to appearances, much more can be expected from a dash cam. Many models also serve as a parking event recorder. Therefore, it is easier to determine the author not only of a small dent, but also of a vandal who scratched the paint on the body. Above all, the camera works in such a way as to avoid draining the battery in the car. Just use a special power adapter to use parking mode without worrying about engine starting problems after a long standstill.

Any video can be used as proof of innocence. It will be useful not only in the event of a collision or accident (then the camera recognizes the overload and saves files with protection against deletion), but also as evidence in the event of charges of entering a red light on a device signals, enforce the right of way or be inattentive when changing lanes. This is not the end. If we choose a video recorder with an integrated GPS module, the camera will indicate and record our speed and warn us against exceeding the speed limit and with speed cameras. We remind you that a moment of inattention (for example during a phone call via the on-board loudspeaker) can currently cost up to several thousand zlotys, taking into account the prices of the last ticket fare. And in addition to the hefty fine, penalty points are often imposed.

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A good dash cam can also be used as a real advanced driving assistant. Selected models recognize unintentional lane crossings, remind about the departure of the vehicle in front (ideal solution for everyone who was in a traffic jam and did not notice moving cars), inform about the need to turn on the lights or warn against section speed measures. There are also devices that connect to the smartphone app. The application will be useful not only for remote control of the video recorder. Recorded movies can also be instantly downloaded from the camera directly to the smartphone.

Contrary to appearances, a good VCR does not cost a fortune. Great gear is also affordable. You just have to take advantage of promotions as attractive as in the EURO RTV AGD network. Some models can be purchased with a discount of up to 40%. It is also worth contacting specialists in the store, who will advise you on which model will work best in the indicated car. Here are some of the proposals from the network’s latest promotion:

Navitel R450NV

A compact video recorder that easily attaches behind the rearview mirror. The camera has excellent optics and a sensor with the Night Vision system to record detailed and clear videos even in low light conditions typical of night driving. It is also a very durable model with an extended lifespan, as a capacitor is used instead of the battery. It works well not only in very hot weather, but also in low temperatures, when you have to deal with frost. The camera comes with a unique gift – an annual license for Navitel Navigator with maps of 43 European countries (also includes maps of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia).

Mikavi PQ5 Dual

A unique premium car kit. It’s a real car multimedia rear view mirror with a touch screen, power adapter (for parking mode) and integrated front video recorder and rear view camera. Both are distinguished by an excellent Sony Starvis sensor (highly appreciated for the high quality and sensitivity necessary for night recordings). And both are used as part of parking mode (can continuously record 24 hours a day or in standby mode with an active G-Sensor module). The Mikavi set connects to the smartphone app, contains a long-lasting capacitor and stands out for compressing video files even more efficiently, thanks to the use of the latest H.265 compression standard.

MIO MiVue C512

Proven equipment from one of the most renowned manufacturers. The video recorder is prepared to record videos with Full HD resolution. Thanks to the built-in overload sensor, the camera automatically detects dangerous events and protects recorded videos from deletion. The MIO C512 is also distinguished by a very compact housing. The device is easy to hide behind the rearview mirror so as not to obstruct the view through the windshield.


A car camera that has been praised in numerous industry tests. The VCR records movies in Full HD resolution, which are distinguished by high quality regardless of the recording time. The device is equipped with a valuable Sony Exmor IMX 323 sensor and a special night mode for better visibility. Standard in Xblitz GO SE is a gravity sensor to automatically detect a collision or sudden braking and protect the recordings from being overwritten.

4TS FHD CRUX Plotter

A small, affordable video recorder with a 4-inch IPS display covered with tempered glass and an aluminum casing. This is a unique set with an additional rear view camera to monitor not only what is happening in front of the car, but also behind it. Two cameras can prove invaluable not only while driving, but also when we leave the car in the parking lot. After detecting a shock or vehicle impact, it is much easier to determine the perpetrator,

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