Construction trends: ceramic roofs for 2022

How to choose the right roofing material? It turns out that investors are guided not only by aesthetics, but also by sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. In the classification of this type of material, ceramic tiles are most often chosen. Not only do they provide a healthy microclimate at home, but they are also characterized by exceptional durability, estimated even at more than 100 years.

Changes are an integral part of our lives and the world around us. This is best seen in the example of architecture and current roofing trends. In 2022, ecology has become particularly important, which is why building materials must be energy efficient and produced in an environmentally friendly way. This is no different in the case of roofing materials which, in addition to meeting the above requirements, must be durable, resistant to extreme weather conditions and provide trouble-free operation. In addition, the coating material should have a modern style and match the contemporary design. The answer to these needs is Röben ceramics, a brand present in the construction market for more than 160 years.

Ecology and energy efficiency are in fashion

Röben ceramic coatings are manufactured in the most modern production plants in Europe in Środa Śląska, where only natural raw materials are used to minimize the negative impact of manufacturing processes on the environment. Production is carried out in the spirit of “zero waste”, in accordance with the conditions of sustainable development, and the ceramic tiles produced are the highest quality durable roofing, harmless to people and the environment. In addition, they meet the requirements of today’s energy-efficient construction, for example by providing excellent thermal insulation in buildings. During the heating period, they retain heat in the insulation layers of the roof and release it to the environment more slowly than other materials. At the same time, the ceramic heats up slowly in the summer and thus prevents overheating of the rooms in the house. Thanks to these characteristics, the slabs contribute to maintaining a favorable microclimate in the building while saving energy.

It’s important to have a choice

Ceramics can also boast of a variety of shapes and a wide range of colors. The offer includes products that meet the requirements of modern architecture. One of the responses to market demand is the PIEMONT tile which, due to the high slip and slip tolerance (up to 38 mm), will be perfect for new and renovated roofs. It is available in seven colors, including engobé anthracite, thanks to which we can perfectly emphasize the refined elegance of the simple building blocks. MONZAplus large-format ceramics are dedicated to projects with larger architecture, ensuring quick and economical coating. Its distinctive feature is a characteristic, clear wave. Tile occurs, among other things in a dark tobago color. It is one of the frequently chosen glazed tiles and is famous for its dramatic effect on the slopes of extended roofs. The BERGAMO anthracite slipped flat tile is completely different. In terms of design, it completely breaks with wavy shapes and fits perfectly into simple, uninhibited shapes. Ideally suited for unobtrusive and minimalist designs, which are increasingly seen not only in the catalogs of architectural studios, but also in Polish housing estates.

Accessories, the key to a perfect roof

The accessories dedicated to each model, complementing the basic ceramic tiles, will help achieve the perfect appearance of the roof. Among them will be found among others ridge tiles, half, edge, gable, ventilation patterns and ridge connectors. In addition, it is also worth paying attention to practical additional accessories, such as antennas and solar tiles, and transparent skylight tiles, which will bring daylight to the attic or attic. They will work especially well where there is no possibility of installing a skylight.

Source: Roben

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