Sony presents the fifth generation of its flagship noise-canceling headphones

Since when sony launched its first flagship noise-canceling headset which has earned a reputation as the leader in sound quality and environmental noise effectiveness in this category of equipment. The Japanese manufacturer now presents the fifth version of one of its most successful products – headphones sony WH1000XM5which changed both their appearance and specifications.

Noise reduction is a very useful technology

Anyone who has had the opportunity to use headphones with good noise reduction, especially on planes, but also for other types of communication on trains or subways, knows how such a technology brings a significant change in comfort. . Although at home I prefer to use open Hi-Fi earphones, which do not cut themselves off from the environment at all, I am of the opinion that the noise reduction is much more important when commuting in the city and when traveling than the other features of the headphones. Even with the highest quality headphones, all nuances will be drowned out if they don’t provide effective ambient noise reduction. And the series sony WH1000 is at the forefront in this regard.

Sony used 8 microphones and two processors

The new model sony WH1000XM5 It is equipped with up to 8 microphones, which are used to analyze and reduce background noise, make voice calls on the phone, such as to distinguish user’s voice from background noise during calls. Two processors – V1 and QN1 HD monitor the work of 8 microphones and the operation of headphones. Listeners sony WH1000XM5 are equipped with the Auto NC Optimizer function, which adjusts the noise reduction operation to the given environment. The headset also received a new 30mm acoustic driver with a carbon fiber dome, which provides high stiffness while maintaining low weight.

Listeners sony WH1000XM5 supports high quality wireless transmission LDACand an integrated sound enhancement system DSEE Extreme, restoring sonic detail lost during the digital compression process. The headset has also received the 360 ​​Reality Audio certificate, allowing you to listen to surround sound from services that support it – Tidal, Deezer and unlimited Amazon Music.

High phone call quality

sony It also boasts of improved phone call quality. Technology sony Accurate voice pickup it uses 4 microphones for this purpose. The reduction of wind noise during conversations as well as other types of disturbances has been improved.

The headphones have a Bluetooth multipoint pairing function, which allows you to pair the headphones with two devices at the same time and keep an active connection with them. This lets you watch a movie on your tablet and answer an incoming call on your phone without having to manually switch the headset between devices.

Facilitations in daily functioning

Listeners sonyLike the previous model, they have a Speak-to-Chat function that automatically detects when we speak, which pauses the music and amplifies the ambient sounds picked up by the microphones. The headphones will also stop playing when you take them off your head and resume when you put them upright. They are also compatible with Google Assistants and Alexa, and the functionality Adaptive Sound Control remembers frequently visited places and automatically adjusts settings that are most often set there, for example, home and work.

New design

sony WH1000XM5 have undergone the most visible design change since the start of the series. The shape of the helmet is more oval, the headband is almost completely round and its length is infinitely adjustable. The headphones are finished with a new type of synthetic leather.

Like the old model sony WH1000XM5 they work 30 hours on battery, and the charging supporting the USB Power Delivery standard allows the headphones to be recharged in 3 minutes to listen to music for 3 hours.


sony informed that “Listeners WH-1000XM5 will be available in black and platinum silver, and will start selling in late May 2022.“The price is not yet known. Given the quality of the previous models, we will be happy to test the headphones and see if the new model is equally successful and if it introduces a significant improvement in sound and conversations telephone.

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