Warsaw. Trial of a bus driver who fell from an overpass. “5 seconds before the accident he fell asleep”

Another hearing in the bus accident case took place at Warsaw District Court on Tuesday. The driver who caused it two years ago was supposed to be taking amphetamines. Witnesses to the event have testified, others have been summoned to the next hearing.

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The trial of Tomasz U., a city bus driver, is pending in the Warsaw District Court, which caused June 25, 2020 a tragic accident at the Grota-Roweckieg bridgeo) An Arriva bus, line 186, carrying 40 people, crossed energy-consuming barriers and fell from the viaduct. One passenger died, 22 people were injuredthree of them in serious condition. Tomasz U. admitted that he caused the crash and that he used and took amphetamines.

“The driver fell asleep 5 seconds before the accident”

– You can see the driver of the vehicle on the camera. His eyes close at 12:37:53 fell asleep, 5 seconds later there was an accident – testified immediately after the accident, the police officer in charge of securing the surveillance of the vehicle. On Tuesday, as he wrote in his PAP court report, he was unable to recall all the details of the case, so Judge Wojciech Małek read his testimony from the records.

The incident was well remembered by the direct witness – Kamil, a cyclist, who saw the vehicle fall from the bridge.

– I was cycling to work from Żerań, under the Trasa Toruńska overpass. Then the incident happened, part of the bus flew over the railing, some people were thrown. At first I helped those who had fallen, then I helped pull the deceased woman out of the vehicle. We tried to help him, but the pupils and breathing showed that it was very bad – the man reported.

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He told how he helped victims find phones and contact loved ones. Then he felt weak – while helping, he damaged his arm. A witness said that at this time another cyclist smashed the front window and helped the driver out. – I think that the driver drove away – added.

Witness: There was a terrible bang

Maja and Aleksander, two students were driving just behind the bus. It was as if the bus was trying to change lanes. He began to twist gently, then there was a terrible blow, as if the container with the glass fell, the girl testified. She said she got out and started looking for help and her boyfriend was calling the emergency number.

– We were driving in the oncoming lane and nothing special happened until the driver changed lanes, and then there was an accident – testified Aleksander. A boy from the overpass told the ambulance dispatcher what was happening.

– We also helped a lady who was in severe shock, sat down on the floor, we took her to the car – Maja said in court.

Arrival: the driver may have said that he did not feel well

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The court also heard from Arriva’s transport supervision coordinator, Bartosz Porczyński. The man testified that the driver could always – both before and during work – report being unwell and not continue driving.

He said that the technical condition of the vehicles was inspected both in the workshop after the trip and in the morning before the trip at the driver. Drivers were checked for sobriety before starting work, and the bus that left the overpass had a built-in breathalyzer.

– Back then no transport companies in Warsaw have carried out drug testsit seems to me that the company has no legal possibilities – testified Porczyński.

Lawyer Ewa Waszkowiak told PAP that the defense was waiting for the request to appoint an expert on the construction of the viaduct to be considered.

The corresponding request was submitted at the previous hearing, Judge Wojciech Małek announced on Tuesday that the appointment of an expert will be decided after the author of the already prepared expert opinion on the causes of the accident will have been reviewed by the author. The next hearing will take place on May 24 and the court will continue to hear witnesses.

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