Modern phones have long ceased to be used only for making calls

Despite the fact that 15 years have passed since the premiere of the first smartphone this year, interest in them does not even decrease a little. And although from the outside we’ve seen smaller changes in recent years (for example, the display doesn’t grow as fast, if at all), a lot of changes in terms of the generally understood functionality of the smartphone. The following text is largely devoted to the most popular and useful functions of the latest phones.

Which telephone functions are generally known and we cannot imagine their lack?

The modern cell phone has long ceased to be a calling tool. If we make traditional connections, they represent a small percentage of the time we spend having them in our hands. Scientists have proven that we look at the smartphone screen dozens of times a day, even if we are not even aware of it.

The smartphone can successfully replace: watch, alarm clock, calculator, laptop, music player, camera, car navigation and phones with NFC function also replace the wallet.
Since smartphones have been equipped not only with permanent Internet access, but also with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks, their functionality has increased even more.

Nowadays, the norm is, for example, to record short films and publish them on the web from a smartphone. It is difficult to imagine such a dynamic development of websites such as YouTube or Instagram without a device, which is a smartphone. We don’t need expensive and heavy equipment to shoot the increasingly popular Vlogs, new 5G phones are enough. The smartphone lens can be used as a portable set to record from anywhere and internet included in the package allows you to stream your content anywhere in the world. Our fans won’t miss a thing with new movie notifications enabled.

What other smartphone features are worth knowing?

It is no secret that today, using a smartphone and appropriate applications, we can perform various tasks that we need in our daily work. An example of a function that will help you with this is, for example, Samsung DeX (Deskop Experience), which allows you to connect your smartphone directly to a TV, monitor or projector and display a previously prepared presentation. In this case, you can even do without a computer. Dual Sim smartphones, on the other hand, are a great solution that virtually eliminates the hassle of carrying two phones: work and private.

Another solution that we can use the phone is the so-called. Smart home. The phone’s infrared sensor, similar to that used by TV remotes, lets you control home appliances using your home Wi-Fi network. This type of revolutionary technology invisible to the human eye in smartphones is becoming the norm.

Modern Smartphones

What can a mobile phone surprise us with in the future?

Manufacturers do their best to introduce newer, better and faster models every year.

All this to persuade customers to pull out their wallets and buy the latest phone. But what can they stand out if almost all phones, whether Android or IOS, offer almost the same basic functions? On the other hand, not everyone wants and can afford a more expensive phone, if in everyday life he is satisfied with the basic functions of smartphones.

We are therefore witnessing a race for micro-upgrades. A slightly larger screen. The fourth camera instead of 3 and a better lens are to persuade us to buy. The question is how much will the fourth camera actually be used for and how much does it just cost? So, for now, phones that can be folded in half are hitting the market. How successful will they turn out to be and how much will time show curiosity. Undoubtedly, the functions of smartphones are important when choosing a smartphone, but a lot can also be achieved by installing hundreds or even thousands of applications on it.

Modern Smartphones

A phone equipped with an appropriate application can be transformed into a device such as a spirit level

A spirit level, without which it is difficult to imagine construction or renovation work, is a relatively simple device. With the advent of smartphones equipped with many sensors, it has become possible to create an application that makes our phone a fully functional spirit level, at least for occasional household needs. Another cool feature among the apps can also be the Google Lens. As the creators of the application point out, we can use it to search what we see, perform tasks faster, and all this using the built-in camera or the photo taken. In recent years, applications have become almost indispensable on the phone. As thousands of them appear every year, it is impossible to use them all.

And here we are helped by various lists, ratings, which suggest which application can really bring something to our lives, and not just take up space on the phone.
It is worth following such statements, because you never know if a simple application will not help us to control any sphere of life.

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