A gift for Children’s Day. Good ideas

We suggest what can be a good gift for Children’s Day. Sometimes the right inspiration can do wonders and contribute to a truly successful shopping experience.

What gift to buy for Children’s Day? We have prepared an instant preview to help you make your decision. We remind you that gifts are a good idea, but a simple walk, a trip or any other form of time spent together is also a good idea.


We live in a world full of modern gadgets, technology and children’s toys. Nonetheless, a regular book is still a great idea for a good Children’s Day gift. Whether or not we decide on one of the works Stanislaw Lema brilliant Polish science fiction writer, or, for example, on Economics in a lessonwhose author is Henry Hazlitt, we always have a chance to get a positive effect. Understanding basic economics from an early age will no doubt be great, as will developing your imagination. Prices for many masterpieces are often at surprisingly low levels, so it makes sense to seriously consider this form of gift..


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Children often stare at smartphone, laptop and TV screens, and they do so for a surprisingly long part of the day. Therefore, a telescope can be an interesting gift idea for Children’s Day. This optical device is an incentive to seek change, to be interested in the secrets hidden by the night sky. Whether the target is the Milky Way or our close neighbor in the form of the Moon, you can always learn something interesting. Of course, if the celestial gazing hobby proves to be very addictive, then as you get older you can invest in better gear. The first telescope doesn’t have to be expensive because it’s just about arousing the curiosity of the stars.

Set of Lego bricks

Lego bricks are above all a lot of possibilities. You can buy a small set at a fairly low price, but if we wanted to, nothing prevents us from buying an incredibly large and complicated set, the value of which is similar to a gold bar. As if that weren’t enough, we also have something to choose from Technical Legothat is, block models inspired by real vehicles, in which there are more advanced solutions and additional functions.

Regardless of what exactly we decide to do, Lego bricks are a children’s party gift that will spark the imagination, encourage creativity, be creative and be precise in carrying out a task. Who knows, maybe in the future this will translate into advantages in professional life, for example.

Evercade retro console

Evercade is, in a way, a console that has no right to exist. It doesn’t connect to the internet, doesn’t have an SD card slot, and uses cartridges to run old games. Especially the last feature can be considered shocking information. An unusual idea from the developers is that on the back of the console there is a slot for cartridges that contain collections of classic games and are prepared in agreement with the owners of the rights to these titles (a completely legal solution, this are unhacked versions). Of course, the idea is the opposite of modernity, it’s more of a return to the past, a kind of curiosity. As a toy for a child who will learn the history of games, it can be one of the most original solutions. If you want to learn more about Evercade, please see our review.

Smartwatches for children

There are many smartwatches for kids in the market. If we try to get a model with an integrated GPS module, then thanks to geolocation we will be able to better control where our child is. Interestingly, in such devices you can sometimes find a function to designate special zones in which a child should move. The key is that as soon as the set limit is exceeded, the parent will receive a relevant notification. Not everyone will be interested in it, but for some maintainers this kind of functionality is very important. Of course, many other options are available and, for example, the mere presence of a pedometer will make the child feel more motivated to exercise. It should be added that these smartwatches often receive easy-to-use touch screens.

Marcin Hołowacz, Gadgetomania journalist

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