Disability Dignity Week is underway

Disability Dignity Week is underway. As part of this event, interesting events took place in the city today.

Celebration of Disability Dignity Week in Ruda Śląska

school picnic

School Complex No. 7 held a school picnic in a hat at Rudzki Castle and Karol Godula Mansion. The weather was favorable for the picnic atmosphere – there were performances, guitar playing, singing, roasting sausages on the fire and photo ops in beautiful hats.

ladies tournament

In the center “Święta Elżbieta” a ladies’ tournament took place – 36 participants from more than a dozen centers took part in the competition.

Family party

Primary School No. 35 held a family party where children built with Lego blocks took part in a multimedia robot show and watched through special glasses that transferred them into the virtual world. There were also many movement and team games as well as fairy tale costumes.

What else is ahead of us?

June 1 will be dedicated to children. On the occasion of their holidays, Primary School No. 10:00 – 13:00 fitness games and games with the participation of children and parents, while Primary School No. 13 and the Education of Dreams Foundation organize the VI Special Olympics on the schoolyard for special schools, schools and kindergartens with integration departments. On this day, DPS “St. Józef” organizes a classical music concert “Music connects”, while the Polish Blind Circle Association of Ruda Śląska invites representatives of institutions to a conference “New technologies in the lives of people with visual impairments”.

June 2 this year at headquarters The Daily Welcome “Senior-WIGOR” A singing competition will be held in Nowy Bytom, in which guests from institutions operating in the city will participate. In turn, kindergarten children will perform on the stage of the Municipal Cultural Center as part of the 13th artistic and vocal festival “do, re, mi…”. June 2 is also Sensory Garden Day at No. St. Luc Elementary School. During the event (9:00 – 12:30), among other things, artistic performances, planting plants and vegetables, preparing salads, playing with a scarf and the Olympics of “strange sports”. On this day, interesting workshops are also held by employees of the Poviat Labor Office in Ruda Śląska. Classes with literary elements “Who will I be, when I grow up” are dedicated to children of special schools. Creative workshops as well as learning English are also planned for them. For people with disabilities looking for a job, on June 2 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., a guidance counselor will be on call on the phone (phone: 32 771 59 00).

Friday, June 3, Bykowina Adaptation Center for Disabled Children organizes an open day during which it will be possible to watch student performances the center and take part in a picnic. On this day, the 17th Skata and Rummy Tournament is scheduled in the “Senior” DPS.

On the other hand June 6 Primary school n°15 organizes a tournament of games and garden activities. It was planned, among others, competitions such as: obstacle course, game of cap, rubber, clip and king.

For the last two days Disability Dignity Week (June 7 and 8 this year) will continue olympics of joy, that is, the struggle of people with disabilities in sports competitions. As usual, the organizer of the event is the Center for People with Disabilities “The Sacred Heart”. It will take place in a gym MOSiR in the Halemba district. The TGOzN will also be available for viewing over the next two days. Institution of professional activity Rudzki “From the lining”. Visits to the sewing and laundry departments as well as the rehabilitation room are planned.

XVIII TGOzN will end on Wednesday, June 8while olympics of joyhosted by the Center for People with Disabilities “Sacred Heart of Jesus”.

Support centers, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and municipal organizational units participated in the organization of the Week. As every year, the event is coordinated by the director Municipal Center for Social Assistance in Ruda Śląska with the mayor’s plenipotentiary for people with disabilities.

The 18th celebration of this year’s Dignity Week for Persons with Disabilities, as in previous years, is part of the Metropolitan Family Day, which will be held this year under the slogan “Family – source of peace”.

Last year, the social welfare budget to meet the different needs of disabled and elderly people covered, among other things, the cost of living in the city’s social care homes, which in 2021 amounted to 14,743,433 .82 PLN (9,776,227.70 PLN was allocated from the city budget; the remaining funds in the amount of 4,967,206.12 PLN came from the budget of the voivode) ).

Nursing homes have received additional funding from the COVID-19 Relief Fund for the preparation and protection of nursing homes against the increase in infections caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus for a total amount of 296,501 PLN.

Additionally, PLN 6,350,665.32 was allocated from the city budget for the maintenance of residents of nursing homes operating outside Ruda Śląska. For the operation of environmental self-help homes, the city provided funds from the voivode’s budget in the amount of PLN 1,304,911.50. In turn, 851,358 PLN was allocated for care services in the city budget, 117,359.28 PLN for specialized care services and 370,550 PLN for specialized care services for people with mental disorders (budget of Voivode).

In 2021, the city set up the departmental programs of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy financed by the Solidarity Fund: “Help for the person of a disabled person” – 2021 edition and “Help for respite” – 2021 edition. 26 people benefited from the Personal Assistance program for a disabled person, and the cost of services amounted to PLN 142,840, while 11 people benefited from the Recreational care program, and the cost of services provided was 94,440 PLN.

The budget also provided for co-financing to maintain the activity of the occupational therapy workshops. This was 10% of the total cost of operations and co-financing of the stay of Rudzians in the WTZ outside the city in the amount of PLN 327,850.69.

This year’s support for Ruda Śląska by the PFRON amounts to PLN 4,662,731.00.

Most of this amount of PLN 3,132,480 was traditionally allocated to the operation of occupational therapy workshops. In turn, an amount of PLN 380,000 was allocated for the purchase of rehabilitation equipment, orthopedic devices or aids for people with disabilities. An amount of PLN 434,675.18 was allocated to subsidize the participation of people with disabilities and their guardians in rehabilitation camps, PLN 220,000 for the elimination of architectural, communication and technical barriers. In turn, an amount of PLN 100,000 has been earmarked to co-finance sports, culture, recreation and tourism for people with disabilities.

In 2021, PFRON co-financing amounted to PLN 4,321,548. From these funds, MOPS in Ruda Śląska provided a grant for the elimination of architectural, communication and technical barriers for 39 people, 252 people received grants for the supply of auxiliary materials, orthopedic equipment and equipment for re-education. 139 disabled people and 74 guardians (including 44 children with 41 guardians) benefited from the rehabilitation stay.

In addition, MOPS in Ruda Śląska pays permanent allowances (more than 2.5 million PLN), supplements to the family allowance for the upbringing and rehabilitation of a disabled child (almost 500,000 PLN), care benefits as well as contributions for old-age and invalidity pensions. and health insurance (including a total of less than PLN 35 million), carer’s allowance with pension and disability contributions (almost PLN 108,000) and one-time “lifetime” benefits (in the amount of PLN 52,000) .

According to UN data, more than 650 million people worldwide, or about 10% of the total population, are disabled due to mental, physical or sensory impairments. According to EHIS (European Health Intelligence Analysis), depending on the level of restriction adopted, in 2014 there were between 4.9 and 7.7 million people with disabilities in Poland. Nearly 3.8 million Poles had a statutory disability certificate or its equivalent. In Ruda Śląska, according to the 2011 National Population and Housing Census, the number of legally disabled persons was 10,257 people. In 2021, due to various types of disabilities, the Municipal Disability Arbitration Team of Ruda Śląska issued 2,464 decisions granting a degree of disability to adults and 404 persons under the age of 16.

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