Heat pump for an old house with Clean Air. Will the assembly be chargeable?

  • We are currently experiencing a real boom. Only in 2021, the heat pump market in Poland grew by 66%.
  • This solution is not just for owners of new buildings, because heat pump for old house will also do its job. However, several conditions must be met.

To begin with, before someone decides to buy a heat pump for an old house, it is worth knowing what is and how does an air pump workand as a floor pump.

This airborne one works on a principle the back of the refrigerator. Just as a refrigerator extracts heat from inside and transfers it outside, so does a heat pump. transfers energy to the house in the form of heat from outside.

In the case of air-source heat pumps, the heat is extracted by means of fans.

On the other hand in the case of floor pumps Heatas the name suggests it is pulled from the ground. This is achieved using a special heat pipe located under the surface of the earth. Therefore, when choosing this type of heat source drilling may be required.

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Floor pump it is based on a mixture of water and a non-freezing liquid, such as glycol, which circulates through the pipes and picks up the heat from the ground, and finally goes to the heat exchanger in the pump. Besides the fact that, which heat pump for the old house will be chosen by us – air or land – its most important advantage is that the pump does not need fuel for example in the form of coal to produce energy.

The good news is that the co-financing of a heat pump for an old house is also possible. This means that you can even use the program without any problem. Clean Air.

This means that, depending on the level, the subsidy for a heat pump for an old house can amount to from several to 69 thousand zlotys.

Co-financing of a heat pump for an old house it is also possible thanks to other programs. You may also be asked to make a decision on this without an emissive heat source thermomodernization relief. This makes it possible to finance the purchase of the heat pump. On the other hand, at the local level, for example in Warsaw, 90% of the investment costs make it possible to cover the program “Eliminating Cinderella”.

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The options above are the co-financing of a heat pump for an old house as part of reimbursement of expenses incurred. In the event that the owner does not have such funds, he can ask the bank for payment eco-credit.

This makes it possible to finance green investments, often in better conditions than with ordinary loans.

Just as it makes no sense to pour water into a leaky jug, so does it makes no sense to install a heat pump in an uninsulated house. Of course, this is a significant energy loss linked to poor wall insulation or poorly installed windows. As a rule, building thermal insulation determines the efficiency of the heat pump.

Thus, an investment in the form of a heat pump for an old house must start with building insulation. What is very important, thermal insulation affects the choice of the device, its size and power. This obviously has an effect how much is the heat pump for the old house.

Installation of a mechanical installation with heat recovery, wall insulation, replacement of window frames – this is where the planning for the purchase of a heat pump should begin. Sure heat pump for old house it will be used when the insulation it contains has not been improved, but the house has low heat loss.

It is not easy to select a pump for an old houseand the main problem is the existing one heating system in the building. Usually, an old household heat pump is designed to replace old solid fuel boilers. These are suitable for being supplied with heating water at a temperature of 70-80°C. heat pump works optimally from 35 to 40 ° Cpreferably with low temperature installations such as underfloor heating.

It means that a heat pump for an old house cuts the heating power in half. How to choose a heat pump for an old house?

Two things can be done in these cases. If we do not intend to undertake the installation of a heated floor, you can replace the radiators with larger ones. More surface area means more power at a lower starting temperature.

The second way is to buy a high temperature heat pump. This type of device is a technology that makes it possible to obtain higher heating water temperature. A high temperature heat pump for old houses can supply the installation with a parameter of 65°C, a some even reach 80°C.

If we want an ecological and at the same time economical solution, it is worth focusing on cooperation heat pumps and photovoltaics. Mainly because this tandem offers reduce home heating costs. Of course, a heat pump without photovoltaics does the trick, and for buildings with high thermal insulation, the costs will also be low.

Photovoltaic is a solution that allows you to realistically reduce your electricity bills. According to various estimates, a correctly selected and installed photovoltaic system can reduce electricity costs by up to 90%. Return on investment different lead time can be expected, however, it is from a few to several years.

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