Rafał Zaorski wants to introduce cryptocurrencies on Wykop.pl, offers 10 million or more

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Rafał Zaorski wants to introduce cryptocurrencies on Wykop.pl, offers 10 million or more
Rafał Zaorski during the charity trading briefing, FxCuffs 2017

At least PLN 10 million. This is what Polish financial speculator and influencer Rafał Zaorski was supposed to offer to one of Wykop.pl board member Michał Białek in a phone conversation. As he reveals, he would like to bring Wykop to the Web3 era and introduce cryptocurrencies and related technologies to one of the most popular Polish social networks. However, Białek’s response suggests that the transaction is unlikely to take place.

Rafał Zaorski offered to buy Wykop.pl from Michał Białek

The American Internet has its Reddit and Digg.com in its time. Based on them, the Polish answer, Wykop.pl, was created in 2005. Users are responsible for the content appearing on the main page, who vote by voting on which post will be “excavated” and which will be “buried”.

Wykop.pl is currently owned by the Poznań-based company Wykop, whose board members include, among others, Michał Białek, one of the most recognizable faces behind the website in recent years. According to data from the SimilarWeb portal, Wykop.pl is among the 20 largest Polish internet portals and had 9.5 million unique users in January 2022 (Wykop data).

On May 29, a message from Rafał Zaorski appeared on Twitter, which has recently become one of the most popular users of the social platform in the Polish investment world. Zaorski asks, “is it possible to buy the excavation and for how much”

There has been speculation on the web about the value of Wykop.pl. User krychu789 wrote, among other things: “Last year, the excavation generated income of 3.3 million PLN and a profit of about 700,000 PLN. The results are worse than a year ago. By estimating so quickly, the excavation not worth more than PLN 10 million”. User damianooo8 added that “A few years ago, Allegro (when he owned) launched the Wykop for 7 million. The stats have gone down a bit since then, so maybe it’s cheaper now, but the price depends on the buyer and what they would need the Trench for. »


Zaorski himself decided to offer more, which is due to the last tweet he shared on Tuesday morning. He indicated that he had a telephone conversation with Michał Białek and offered him an eight-figure amount, which is at least PLN 10 million.

In his view, it’s the cost of “setting the beacons, freedom of speech” and paying users in cryptocurrencies for their activity. Zaorski suggests he wants Web2 to end in the trench and transition to Web3. The deadline for accepting his offer is June 1, 2022, 08:00

In response to the entry, a comment from the person concerned, Michał Białek, immediately appeared. This shows that the offer is probably not on the table and has been rejected. However, until there is additional information, nothing can be ruled out or confirmed.

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What country, like Elon Musk?

Internet users quickly realized that Zaorski, like Elon Musk, had ended up on the social media platform. While the American billionaire plans to take over Twitter, the Polish speculator has so far confined himself to more modest projects. Zaorski’s first question was answered, among other things, by the following:

Source: Wykop

At the end of March, Zaorski’s Twitter was followed by 60,000 people, now it’s nearly 80,000 more (a total of nearly 140,000 followers).

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