[Recenzja] Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip

True Wireless headphones are equipment that we will use more and more often. Finally, more and more devices are appearing on the market without a headphone jack. Wireless headphones also mean convenience and no tangled cables. Recently we had the opportunity to test the Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip model. Is it worth looking into?

  • Headphones are lightweight and comfortable
  • Design and build quality at a high level
  • Clean and clear sound
  • Wide volume control range
  • Touch controls could be a bit more precise
  • If someone relies on different modes of adjusting the sound to the environment, unfortunately he will not find them

Review of Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip in three summary sentences

Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip is a good all-rounder. People who do not expect to be able to “play” with the settings, but only simple and intuitively operated equipment, will be satisfied with this model. The headphones are well made, play loud and emit clear sound.

  • Adjust
  • Construction
  • Impressions of use
  • Sound quality
  • Phone call quality

7.4/ ten

Set, technical specifications and price of the Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip

Fresh 'n Rebel Twins 3 Tip

In a small box with the Fresh ‘n Rebel headphones, besides the headphones, you will find a charging case, a charging cable and a small manual. The producer also added two pairs of rubber caps of different sizes – the third is set to headphones by default. The device itself and all accessories are blue in color. Everything seems consistent and it’s worth appreciating that Fresh ‘n Rebel doesn’t go the easy route, such as attaching a black cable to all color versions of the headphones.

go to Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip Specifications. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not brag about detailed technical data of the product, but we have some information about it:

  • Type: Headset (True Wireless)
  • Sound system: Stereo 2.0
  • IPX4 certificate
  • Built-in microphones
  • Receive calls, end calls, music control, touch control, earphone presence detection, Double Master system
  • Wireless charging
  • Compatible with Siri and the Google Assistant
  • Color versions: Silky Sand, Safari Red, Dried Green, Dreamy Lilac, Steel Blue, Storm Gray

Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 tip is currently due around PLN 350. A model without the word Tip is available at a similar price, with a slightly different design (no rubber caps included).

Construction and quality of headphones

Fresh 'n Rebel Twins 3 Tip

Even before using the earphones themselves, we are in contact with a case which is used to store them, but also to recharge them. The box is lightweight and quite well made. The matte finish means we don’t have to worry about the material picking up dirt. The case opens from the top and the hinge works well. On the front of the box we have the manufacturer’s logo, and on the back its name and basic information about the model and origin of the product. At the bottom, there is a USB-C port for charging the case, a diode indicating whether the case is charging and a button that allows you to reset the headphones before connecting them to another device. The charge level of the box is indicated by the LEDs inside.

Headphones seem to be of good quality. From the outside, the manufacturer’s logo and the small LEDs attract attention. There is also in this area touch panels. From the inside you can see a letter indicating which handset we are dealing with (right / left) and the streamlined main part of the device. At the very bottom, you can see magnets that make it easier to hide the headphones inside the case. There are microphones nearby.

Touch control

  • Double tap any earbud to pause or continue playback.
  • Triple tap any earbud to summon the voice assistant.
  • Holding the left or right earbud for two seconds will skip the song to the previous or next song
  • If someone calls us and we press any handset twice, the call will be answered. However, if we hold a handset for two seconds, the call will be rejected.
  • Double tap any handset during the call to end the conversation.

The touch controls are a bit temperamental. It is mainly song scroll – you have to have a very good feeling to start it so that the headset doesn’t recognize that you want to take a break. If a track is switched, the next track is usually stopped immediately.

The headphones generally respond well to commands related to stopping and restarting music, calling the voice assistant, and answering and ending calls. Nevertheless, the touch control function works much better, for example in the Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins ANC model, which I had the opportunity to test a few months ago.

Impressions of use

Fresh 'n Rebel Twins 3 Tip

The reviewed headphones deserve praise for the convenience of wearing them. They adapt very well to the ears, they are also light and even longer use does not cause discomfort. What about using Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip while exercising? I felt like the headphones don’t stick in the ears very well, but they don’t fall out during a short run or when doing push-ups. Therefore, this model can work for occasional training.

The Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip are not equipped with ANC, we do not have the choice of modes that allow us to cut ourselves off more or less from the environment. Despite this The headphones can be used relatively comfortably, even when walking along the sidewalk next to a busy road or on public transport, as long as we don’t need to almost completely muffle the sounds around us.

The tested model worked without any problems with the phone and the computer. Just open it charging boxso that the headphones connect to the device which memorizes them immediately.

Sound and talk

Fresh 'n Rebel Twins 3 Tip

If you expect headphones to play really loud, Twins 3 Tip definitely won’t let you down. The maximum volume level is really high and even when tuned to it, the sound is very clear and clean, there is no noise or other issues.

Looking at the reviews of the reviewed headphones on the web, you can conclude that they have a strongly pronounced bass. Honestly I would say the sound of Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip is much more durable. The bass runs through the songs which have a lot in themselves. When listening to, for example, popular pop songs on radio stations, the bass tones are certainly not boosted forcibly.

Listening to almost all genres of music, I was pleased with what the reviewed headphones offer. Only in the case of some hip-hop songs that I listen to on a daily basis and have a comparison of how they sound on other equipment, I felt like the sound could be a bit more serious. Feelings related to the quality of the music being played are a very individual matter and it is impossible to avoid subjectivism here.

Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Cheat keeps you going Phone calls and they do this job decently. I almost always heard my interlocutors very clearly and quite loudly. On the other side, the impressions were sometimes a little worse – when I was walking along a crowded road or in a park where the wind was blowing, there were times when the interlocutors heard slight cuts or distortions, but it was always possible to agree and understand each other.

The manufacturer does not inform of any application prepared with the examined headphones in mind, so if we want, for example, to modify the touch controls, we do not have such a possibility. In terms of impressions of use, it is worth mentioning automatic music pausewhen you remove the headphones from your ears and to resume playback when you put the headphones on. This feature works well and Twins 3 Tip rarely goes wrong.

Working time and load

Fresh 'n Rebel Twins 3 Tip

Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip should last six hours without recharging. This is an indicative number, but it can be considered as a point of reference. Sometimes the earphones lasted a little over five hours, and other times, at about 1/3 of maximum volume, after about 4 hours of listening to music interspersed with voice calls, there was about half the battery left. . In any event We don’t have to worry about the device drainingbecause thanks to the charging case we should be able to fully charge the headphones 3-4 times without access to the socket.

You need to charge the headphones under review about 1.5 hoursand recharging the energy in the charging case takes about 2 hours. The device can also be charged wirelessly. However, we need a special inductive charger for this, which we will not find in the kit.

Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip review – summary

Fresh 'n Rebel Twins 3 Tip

Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip is one piece of equipment that won’t surprise you. As in other models of this manufacturer, the quality of the device is at a high level, and attention is drawn to the attention to detail in the design. The headphones tested are comfortable, play very loudly, emit good quality sound, and the charging case guarantees a long working time without access to an outlet. All done Fresh ‘n Rebel Twins 3 Tip is a model that deserves your attention. Of course, the touch controls could be a bit more elaborate, and the sound reproduction possibilities may not impress all music lovers. But in this price range, it is acceptable.

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