These apps will make your driving experience more fun. You haven’t used it yet!

Phone and car. A few years ago, hardly anyone expected these two worlds to be connected so efficiently, conveniently and securely. The integration of mobile devices into cars has come a long way, from simple hands-free kits to today, when new cars are equipped with wireless chargers and the multimedia system connects to a smartphone, giving you access to entertainment. countless apps, maps, streaming services and other functions for the road.


Easy parking, listening to radio and podcasts live or in playback mode, audio programs and a web browser, you can have it all in the car! Renault has prepared four new applications for drivers to download in the OpenR Link system – EasyPark, Radioplayer, Sybel and the Vivaldi browser. What do they offer drivers?


The EasyPark service increases the pleasure of driving a connected car, makes it easier for drivers to manage and pay for parking without the need to use parking meters or smartphones. As part of this application (downloadable for free), users will have access to coupons and special offers.


Thanks to the free “Radioplayer for Renault” application, users will have access to thousands of radio stations, internet radio stations and podcasts from the countries covered by the Radioplayer service in Europe. Radioplayer gives them easy access to all the above live and play content and related data. Radioplayer also allows users to take advantage of many functions, such as easier and personalized listening to radio stations, the display of the titles of songs being played or the possibility of searching for all broadcasts in podcasts. Soon, other services developed especially for Renault will be made available.


The Sybel application offers drivers and passengers the opportunity to travel in complete relaxation thanks to a very complete audio offer, including thousands of hours of podcasts, original programs of fiction and documentaries, audio books and tales of fairies for children. They will also have access to a whole range of features imagined and designed by Sybel specialists for traveling by car: three-hour themed playlists with pre-downloaded content, resumption of playback regardless of the device on which it was launched , intelligent voice assistant, personalized suggestions and the list of favorite content.

In addition to access to the best free audio programs, customers will be able to take advantage of a free 6-month subscription to Sybel+, a paid version of this application with original and unique content.


Thanks to the free Vivaldi browser, customers will be able to watch programs, make purchases and browse the Internet from the comfortable car seat. In this way, they will take advantage of the waiting time for recharging the electric car, without having to bring a smartphone or tablet. For complete safety, use the navigator only when the vehicle is stationary. The application allows users to make video calls, configure access to the most popular Internet applications, seamless access to streaming services, securely synchronize data in the browser and much more.

The Vivaldi browser puts the protection of users’ privacy at the forefront, so that they can be sure that in Renault vehicles equipped with the OpenR Link system, they can browse the Internet completely anonymously, without storing their personal data in on-board devices. When a user is logged into a Vivaldi account, browsing data may be shared between other devices logged into the same account. However, this data will not be shared with anyone else, not even Renault.

Renault has prepared four new applications for download in the OpenR Link system – EasyPark, Radioplayer, Sybel and the Vivaldi browser, photo: press kits / Renault

Links to sites from which these applications can be downloaded and to sites offering unique negotiated offers will be made available to users in the MY Renault application. Customers can then decide if they wish to download the desired content and view it directly on the screen of the on-board multimedia console.

Four applications will be available on Mégane E-Tech Electric’s OpenR Link multimedia system as soon as it joins the Renault network in Europe. Soon, the catalog will be enriched with new applications.

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