5 apartments, real estate for 40 million PLN and new cars. We verify the declarations of ownership of the deputies of Szczecin

We have twelve MPs in our constituency. There are five members from the Civic Coalition, four from Law and Justice, two from the Left and one from the Polish People’s Party. At the end of April, each MP was required to submit a declaration of assets. They are successively published on the websites of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. The most impressive property of all politicians sitting in parliament can boast of KO deputy Artur Łącki, who owns several properties, including popular hotels by the sea. What are the estates of other politicians?

MP Jach does not own a house, but is repaying … a loan to buy a house. Declarations of ownership of PiS deputies

Politicians of Law and Justice of Szczecin do not belong to the Croesus, but some of them combine the work of deputy with ministerial functions. They do it, among others Marek Gróbarczyk or Paweł Szefernaker, chosen from Koszalin. Marek Gróbarczyk saved around 77,000 PLN and several hundred euros. He owns a house with an area of ​​145 square meters and … five apartments. The most expensive is worth more than 600,000 PLN. The minister also has agricultural land.

Artur Szałabawka has been in the Sejm for two terms. Previously, he was, among other things, a councilor in Szczecin and a PiS candidate for mayor of our city. The deputy can boast of having saved 110,000 PLN, 12,000 EUR and 12,000 USD. He also owns a house of more than 180 meters on a large plot, the value of which is more than 900,000 PLN. Deputy Szałabawka is also a co-owner of the apartment, the value of which he estimated at PLN 127,000.

Leszek Dobrzyński saved about 140,000 PLN and more than 50,000 PLN in the AVIVA Individual Pension Account. The deputy has a house of almost 100 meters, land and an outbuilding.

The statement by MP Michał Jach is a bit different. He has 10,000 zlotys in savings and insurance for around 75,000 zlotys. The deputy did not write that he owned a house or an apartment, but at the same time he wrote the need to pay off a mortgage to buy a house as one of his financial obligations.

The richest Polish deputy was elected in the district of Szczecin. Artur Łącki owns real estate for more than PLN 40 million

Sławomir Nitras from KO indicates the following assets in the declaration of assets: approx. PLN in cash and more than 20 thousand. euro. The deputy recalls that the aforementioned measures are the co-ownership of the spouses. He is also co-owner of an apartment with an area of ​​more than 150 square meters, the value of which he estimated at… 1.5 million zlotys. The MP’s declaration of ownership also included the 2010 Audi A6 and the 2016 BMW.

Arkadiusz Marchewka, 36, is serving a second term in the Sejm. It should be added that in addition to working in parliament, the deputy is, among other things, a lecturer at the University of Szczecin. The MP has an apartment of 70 square meters worth about 300,000 PLN and savings in Polish currency of about 30,000 PLN. The deputy owns two cars in co-ownership, including a 2021 Skoda Octavia.

Magdalena Filiks is an MP who has served in the Sejm since 2019. The parliamentarian, who rose to fame as the leader of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, also submitted a property statement stating that she has about PLN 25,000 in savings and an apartment with an area of ​​45 square meters, the value of which was estimated at “about 250,000 PLN”. The deputy drives a 2006 Mercedes.

Against the background of his colleagues, MP Artur Łącki, the richest Polish parliamentarian, becomes a Croesus. The assistant saved more than 320,000 PLN and more than 140,000 EUR. It also holds units of mutual funds denominated in various currencies for amounts in the hundreds of thousands. The MP also owns two apartments and a house worth almost PLN 2.5 million. Łącki’s other real estate is worth more than … 40 million PLN.

The fifth member of the Civic Coalition in the region is Grzegorz Napieralski. The MP, who has been in politics for nearly two decades, said he has around 40,000 zlotys in savings. The deputy is the owner of the apartment, the value of which he estimated at more than one million zlotys. Napieralski also has a brand new Jeep Compass, which he rented.

Stratification on the left. The impressive fortune of Wieczorek and the “clean slate” of Kotula

The leader of the left in Szczecin, Dariusz Wieczorek, is a deputy for his first term. His fortune, however, looks quite impressive. The parliamentarian has 147,000 zlotys in savings and more than 15,000 euros. The MP also lives in an impressive 240 square meter house, estimated at PLN 1.2 million. He also owns an apartment with an area of ​​more than 54 square meters, the value of which he estimated at PLN 320,000. Mr. Wieczorek also owns an agritourism farm and other real estate worth more than one million zlotys.

MEP Katarzyna Kotula’s asset declaration, however, looks almost like a blank page. 30,000 zlotys in savings, several thousand euros and no apartments, no houses, no land. The deputy also has no car, no titles or shares in any company.

What does the statement of Polish People’s Party MP Jarosław Rzepa tell us? The politician said he has an apartment worth around PLN 350,000 and a house under construction. However, the deputy has no savings. Jarosław Rzepa has a building plot and two cars, including a 2021 Toyota Yaris, which has been rented.

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