Amazon will employ another 200 high-tech industry specialists in Poland

At the Warsaw Technology Development Center Open Day, Amazon showcased its innovative solutions that are used in Amazon products and services around the world. Amazon’s technology development centers in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Krakow currently employ hundreds of specialists in the field of advanced technologies and are always looking for employees for positions related to computing, programming and linguistics. By the end of 2023, Amazon will employ 200 additional specialists.

Amazon’s Technology Development Center held an open house at its Warsaw office for those involved in developing new technologies and innovative ideas. During the meeting, Amazon representatives presented projects and investments in Poland, and the event itself was a unique opportunity to learn more about Amazon’s systems and technologies. The event brought together representatives of local authorities, universities and non-governmental organizations operating in the field of new technologies. Amazon’s technology development centers are working on a number of innovative solutions, such as the popular Alexa, a cloud-based voice service; Ring’s smart home products, including video doorbells, DIY alarm systems, and security cameras, to make the area around our homes safer; and FireTV, which gives consumers a new interactive experience. In addition to working on devices and services, Amazon teams also deliver distributed systems and help customers implement advanced solutions such as Amazon Web Services.

The Warsaw office currently employs many specialists working on the development of innovative and global Amazon products and services. By the end of next year, the company plans to hire 200 new employees in all development centers in Poland, including Warsaw, Gdańsk and Krakow, thereby supporting the local economy and strengthening cooperation with local communities, authorities and representatives of universities and universities. All this to attract new talent and build innovative solutions.

“Amazon always tries to be where new technologies are developing. That’s why we opened our technology development centers in the biggest cities of Poland. We are constantly increasing employment in all our Polish institutions and providing attractive jobs for students and graduates from top local universities. Currently, Amazon employs more than 25,000 talented people in Poland in its offices, ten modern e-commerce logistics centers, technology development centers in Gdańsk, Krakow and Warsaw as well as in Amazon Web Services offices and customer service. “- says Lucyna Chwastowska, Team Director responsible for global development of Alexa Text-To-Speech.

The adventure of Amazon’s technology development center in Poland began in 2013, when the company acquired the Gdańsk-based company IVONA Software, which develops a speech synthesizer. Over the years, Development Centers have won numerous awards in Poland for their innovative approach in the field of Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Spoken Language Understanding (SLU) and Text-To-Text technology. Speech (TTS). Innovations in these areas are utilized by Alexa, which can easily provide feedback using speech and remains particularly useful and useful for people with disabilities, including the visually impaired. Amazon’s specialist teams are constantly working and introducing new product solutions. All this to revolutionize the way we use technology on a daily basis.

“Today, Amazon is much more than just e-commerce, which is most often associated with it in Poland. Alexa, Ring, AWS and Fire TV also belong to the Amazon family and allow us to look to the future where daily life and activities are combined with the most advanced and innovative solutions. We can be proud that Amazon has entrusted the research and development of these technologies to the most qualified and well-trained computer scientists, scientists and engineers in Poland. The value and importance of these investments in creating highly advanced and skilled jobs in Poland is enormous” – says Tony Housh, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland

Amazon’s Technology Development Center in Warsaw has all the hallmarks of a modern and inspiring workplace. It is distinguished by a design that follows the latest trends, thanks to which the working environment is perfectly suited to the development of highly innovative ideas used in Amazon products and services around the world. The other two technological development centers, located in Gdańsk and Krakow, maintain the same standard and style. The Krakow office was opened in January this year. All branches are constantly on the lookout for qualified employees, offering a competitive salary and many additional benefits, such as flexible working hours or the possibility of relocation. Currently, the offers are mainly aimed at specialists, practitioners and theoreticians working in the field of new technologies. Working for Amazon is an opportunity to work on innovative projects and new businesses. The company also offers learning and training opportunities, all in a friendly, open and modern working environment.

Amazon has been operating in Poland since 2014. The service was launched on March 2, 2021. Customers can shop at affordable prices by choosing from a catalog of over 200 million products in over 30 categories and take advantage of free deliveries of products bearing the Prime logo. In addition, Amazon has created more than 23,000 permanent jobs in ten modern logistics centers, the Amazon Web Services office and the Amazon Technology Development Center in Gdańsk, which provides innovative solutions supporting Amazon products and services worldwide. , including Alexa voice solutions.
In 2020, the American Chamber of Commerce announced that it was also the largest American employer and the third largest American investor in our country.

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