Car supplements. Watch out for these mistakes!

In Poland, there are already more than 45,000 electric passenger cars – according to data from the Polish Association of the Automotive Industry and the Polish Association of Alternative Fuels. The government subsidy program “My Electrician” operates in Poland.

– We have been accepting applications within the PKO Leasing Group since January and are seeing huge interest in the grants. In the first 4 months, we accepted nearly 1,000. Electric cars are the most popular among contractors – applications from this customer group account for up to 98%. all submitted through us – says Maciej Matelski, Passenger Car Market Manager at PKO Leasing.

The organizer of the “My Electrician” program, planned for 5 years, is the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW). Customers can request a maximum of 27 thousand. PLN for a passenger car, if two conditions are met: the price of the vehicle will not exceed 225,000. PLN and the applicant will declare min. 15 thousand km of annual mileage. In the absence of this statement, the surcharge is PLN 18.75 thousand. zloty.

– The vast majority of customers wish to finance their electricity through leasing or long-term rental. Entrepreneurs are afraid to buy their own because they fear a drop in the value of the car and the cost of possible repairs. For example, in long-term leasing, the formal owner of the car is always the leasing company and it is up to them to maintain or insure the car. The customer is a user – he drives the car like his own, but at the end of the contract he simply returns it and does not care about the decline in value and sales – notes Marcin Sotomski, director of purchasing and business development at Masterlease, belonging to the PKO Bank Polski group.

Co-financing for the purchase of a car. These errors extend the waiting time for a grant

In order to obtain the co-financing of a car by leasing or long-term rental, after selecting the vehicle, two applications are submitted simultaneously: for financing in the chosen form and for an additional payment from “My Electrician”. The grant application is submitted to BOŚ via a leasing company.

– Examination of the application in the BOŚ takes about 20 working days. Unfortunately, this period may be longer if the application is incorrectly completed. Clients must pay close attention to the formalities, as subsidies paid out of public funds are subject to very careful control. We can see, for example, that contractors find it most difficult to correctly enter the municipal code according to the TERT database maintained by the Central Statistical Office, to provide the qualified VAT amount and the eligible cost of the project . Our advisers support you in completing the files, thus helping to avoid errors in the documentation – adds Marcin Sotomski of Masterlease.

Auto-completion of the above fields in the form can often lead to formal errors. However, customers can request the assistance of a leasing company, whose qualified advisers will help them navigate the entire procedural path, access the TERT database and have eligible cost calculators. The PKO Leasing group relies on expertise. More than 95 percent of applications submitted to BOŚ through the Group are correctly completed. Thanks to this, the customer’s obtaining a surcharge for a zero-emission car is kept to a procedural minimum.

Co-financing for the purchase of a car. Vehicle pick-up can be expedited

The standard procedure for applying for program funds includes: submitting a grant application, signing a lease contract, signing a grant contract, registering and insuring the car, and the payment of the total amount of the car (the initial costs are covered by the grant). Then the customer collects the vehicle and marks it with a special sticker. The above process takes about 20 working days. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can speed up the process.

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– Many drivers ask us if this time can be shortened, because it is too long for them. Therefore, at PKO Leasing and Masterlease, an alternative route is possible, in which we deliver the car in about 3 working days, well before the decision to grant the financing. In this model, the customer makes an upfront payment covering the amount of the subsidy and collects the car keys. Then he waits about 20 days for a decision from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management to grant a subsidy, already using the car at that time. The next step is to sign the grant agreement and request funds for the grant from the leasing company. Once the funds are paid to the leasing company by BOŚ, the client is returned to the client’s account – explains the whole procedure Maciej Matelski from PKO Leasing. We have successfully implemented the alternative route of obtaining grants on several occasions. This solution is chosen by 30 percent. customers of the PKO Leasing group – he adds.

When does the contract in “My electrician” end?

The contract with BOŚ ends two years after taking over the vehicle. The customer declares that the vehicle was registered in Poland, had a valid technical inspection and insurance, had a vignette informing of the use of the subsidy program and was used on national roads. Drivers who have used the subsidy with increased mileage also provide information on the number of kilometers driven during the contract.

– It should be remembered that if during the term of the contract the car is damaged and the insurer will decide on the so-called total loss, it will not be possible to make a claim. In such a situation, BOŚ may demand reimbursement of the grant. You won’t have to do this if the car has driven at least 10,000 kilometers despite the damage. km. However, the course must be documented – explains Marcin Sotomski of Masterlease.

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