Children’s Day picnic – how to organize it outside? What to remember?

A picnic is a great way to celebrate Children’s Day. On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, we have prepared a guide on how to organize such an outdoor trip. Check out what to remember when preparing for a wilderness trip. Where can it be organized? What should you take with you? We also advise you what to take with you to eat.

Where to have a picnic

When planning a picnic for our child, whether on the occasion of children’s day, his birthday or an ordinary family outing, it is worth considering the best place. Where to organize a picnic? The most convenient place may be a park with lots of lawns. The trees will protect us from strong winds and provide shade in hot weather. The second place can be special gazebos and covered picnic areas.

You can also organize a picnic by a lake or a river. In this case, it is worth checking the weather forecast – whether it will be warm and not windy. If the forecast is good, we can confidently travel to these places. You can also have fun by the sea, but then it is worth taking a special screen to protect yourself from strong gusts.

What else should I consider when choosing a location? What our child likes. If you prefer to play in the playground after a meal, choose a safe and well-equipped playpen. If, on the other hand, he likes to play in the sand or in the water, it is worth choosing a beach by the lake, lagoon or sea.

Things to remember when preparing a picnic

When preparing a picnic, one should not forget to properly prepare the necessary accessories. In addition to food and snacks, we will need a blanket to spread out. Cutlery should not be forgotten. For a picnic, you can choose eco-friendly tableware made from bamboo or recycled plastic. You can also use traditional ceramics, but you must pack it properly so that it does not get damaged.

When choosing a cover, it is worth choosing one with a waterproof coating. Thanks to this, even if we sit in a place where it is damp, we will not get wet and the material will not get wet.

Another issue that should be paid attention to is the organization of attractions. It can be board games, make-up together, board games (for example, word games). Thanks to this, no one will be bored when dating, and it will be a good time to strengthen family ties and get to know each other.

A picnic for a child – a sample list

  • napkins,
  • disposable/reusable cups,
  • cutlery,
  • plates,
  • cover,
  • a screen to protect against the wind,
  • wet / antibacterial wipes,
  • decorations, e.g. hats, balloons, confetti,
  • lanterns, e.g. for batteries,
  • pillows – for sitting, lying down,
  • toys, e.g. face paints, board games,
  • food,
  • country cook,
  • portable refrigerator or refrigerated bag,
  • reserve water and drinks.

If you are planning an event in a larger group, remember to adjust the number of dishes, pillows and blankets to the number of people planned.

What to pack for a picnic

If we want to organize a picnic, we must not forget the food. It is good to do this well in advance. It is more convenient to give up hot dishes, especially in the summer, and instead focus on snacks and dishes that do not require heating. If you decide to buy frozen food and ice cream, remember to bring a portable refrigerator.

Due to the nature of such a meeting, it is worth betting on small snacks that can be eaten during matches and a maximum of one main course. Instead of buying cakes and sweets, it is better to focus on fruits and meals that can be made at home. The best beverage to drink is lemonade, such as lemon or rhubarb.

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