Dangerous toys. UOKiK advises on how to choose children’s products and what to pay attention to

2022-06-01 06:00

2022-06-01 06:00

Dangerous toys.  UOKiK advises on how to choose children's products and what to pay attention to
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Almost half of the toys for children under 3 did not meet formal or design requirements. During the last inspection, 110 models were checked – informed the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection.

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) said almost half of toys inspected for children under 3 failed to meet formal or design requirements.

UOKiK President Tomasz Chróstny pointed out that 110 models of toys intended for children under 3 years old were checked whether they were well marked and whether they had structural defects, for example parts that were too small to fit. a child could easily swallow.

“We have also checked that the products are made in a solid way and do not emit too loud sounds, exposing our children to hearing damage” – said Tomasz Chróstny

The Authority noted that the most serious problems diagnosed following inspections were the use of undersized parts in toys, poorly drafted declarations of conformity and the absence of the necessary warnings.


So UOKiK appealed to the fact that when choosing gifts for children, attention should be paid to their safety.

“We ensure that the toys that fall into our children’s hands are safe. We check them all year round with the Trade Inspectorate – we tear them, smoke them, crush them, drop them from a height – in other words, we test them rigorously, among other things in a specialized laboratory of the UOKiK in Lublin “- assured the president of the UOKiK Tomasz Chróstny.

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How to choose a safe toy? UOKiK advises

  • Picking out a toy suitable for the toddler’s age. Look for the words “Not suitable for children under 36 months / 3 years” or its graphic equivalent on the packaging. The manufacturer must provide a brief description of the hazard, for example the appearance of small parts, next to this warning or in the instructions. For example, dolls, mascots or teethers must not contain small parts – a child could choke on them.

  • Be sure that the toy is safe. Check for sharp edges, stiff or protruding parts. Often a small inequality can be the cause of a great misfortune. Collapsible doll strollers or children’s ironing boards must be equipped with a safety lock. In toys in which a child can enter (for example a tent, a house), the door or the lid must open freely. In the swings, check the ropes and lines – that they are strong and the knots are not undone. Examine the toy carefully before making the decision to buy it.

  • Read the instructions. They should be attached, for example, to bicycles, scooters or swings. If the product requires self-assembly – the entrepreneur is obliged to attach assembly instructions to the product.
  • CE marking it must be affixed in a visible, legible and indelible manner to the toy, its packaging or an attached label. This is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product meets all technical and legal requirements. It can then be assumed that the toy will be safe for small users.
  • be careful of toy volume. Depending on its type (eg rattle, telephone, piano) and the duration of the sound, its maximum permissible level is 60 to 130 dB. Unfortunately, these requirements can only be verified in the laboratory. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that the toy renders sound at an acceptable level, i.e. it must have a test report confirming that this parameter is met. Before buying, buyers can only listen to the sounds made by the toy and if not unpleasant, too hard for the ear.

  • Before buying a light-up toy, check that the light is not too bright – this could harm the child’s eyesight.

  • Battery Access it must be well secured. This should only be possible with an appropriate tool (eg screwdriver) or by two independent movements (eg pulling and turning). In the first case, the screw must be permanently placed in the cover of the battery compartment cover, so that it cannot be completely unscrewed and removed.
  • Make sure that the child does not swallow toys that increase in size after contact with water, for example after 24 hours of soaking. This creates a choking hazard for a child or obstruction of the digestive system when the toy expands after being swallowed.


author: Anna Bytniewska


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