From vaccine drones to waste treatment

The University of Technology has won two gold and two silver medals and several special awards, including the Fair’s platinum award.

A drone that can deliver vaccines in the action of oral vaccination of foxes, a system for assisting the evacuation of people in mines and buildings, technology that allows more efficient treatment of plastic waste and technology that makes it possible to change driving in a combustion vehicle to an electric one – these are among the award-winning inventions at the XV International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations INTARG®2022.
During the Fair, the Silesian University of Technology won: the Fair Platinum Award, two Gold Medals and three Silver Medals. In addition, the inventions that received the gold medal were also awarded the President’s Prize of the Supreme Technical Organization and the international prize “Eiffel Prize” of the French Federation of Inventors.

The Gold Medal and the International Eiffel Prize of the French Federation of Inventors were awarded to the unmanned aerial platform for the distribution of the vaccine in the process of oral vaccination of letters. This solution was developed in collaboration with the Provincial Veterinary Inspectorate of Katowice. The drone can be used to deliver rabies vaccine to foxes. These vaccinations are carried out twice a year, and light aircraft have been widely used for their discharge. In this case, the use of the drone is cheaper and more precise. In addition, you can automatically archive the information on the location of the drop. – This is important because each vaccine has a number and the unloader must provide the inspections with the exact place of unloading of each vaccine – explains Dr. Roman Czyba, co-author of the invention.
A silver medal was awarded to the wireless system supporting dynamic signaling of evacuation directions for people and monitoring the environment in mines and buildings. – Our system can support the evacuation of people in mines and in buildings. The system acoustically signals the direction of evacuation which, depending on the dynamics of the situation, can be changed in real time. Thanks to this, it can be carried out, for example, in complete darkness or in smoke. The system can also be used for the evacuation of blind people – explains Dr. Jarosław Flak from the inventive team.
The method for analyzing and adjusting the economic and utility parameters of an electric vehicle used in urban driving conditions was also awarded a silver medal. This system allows you to change the drive type. Thanks to it, a conventional heat engine can be transformed into an electric vehicle. The prototype of the solution uses a motorcycle, i.e. a two-way vehicle, but in the future this solution may find wider application.

Scientists awarded for the “Integrated technology for the decontamination of polyolefin waste” also presented their invention. It allows the treatment of plastic waste, thanks to which it can be recycled several times. – All used plastic packaging should have a second life. The problem is that they are soiled with various contaminants, such as food scraps or various types of dirt resulting from the transportation process. In order for waste to be recycled, we have to clean it – explains Dr. Piotr Sakiewicz.
The used plastic cleaning technology developed by scientists from the Silesian University of Technology is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. – We will be able to obtain a material similar to the properties of the original material, that is to say a “virgin” material – the one that comes out of the factory – adds Dr Eng. Piotr Sakiewicz.

The fair is an international event showcasing and promoting inventions and innovations. It is dedicated to showcasing the potential and achievements of technological thought and science – inventions, technologies and services for industry. Silesian University of Technology was their content partner. The university’s participation in INTARG’22 was coordinated by the Center for Incubation and Technology Transfer of the Silesian University of Technology.

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