GAME STATUS: Kuisz: Macron and Scholz’s phones appear to be an example of direct collaboration with the enemy, Bielecki: Embargo in 7 months. So Ukraine may already be conquered by Russia, Janicki: Duda appeases the opposition | game state


– TOMASZ SEKIELSKI IS THE NEW HEAD OF NEWSWEEK:,tomasz-zostal-nowym-naczelnym-_newsweek-polska_-po-tomaszu-lisie

– UKRAINIANS CONTINUE COUNTEROFENSIVE IN SOUTHERN UKRAINE AND WILL STOP RUSSIAN ATTRACTIONS BEYOND ISIUM – WITOLD GŁOWACKI IN OKO.PRESS“The situation in the Luhansk region remains extremely difficult. The Russians are gradually conquering Severodonetsk – part of the Ukrainian units defending the city, as planned, began to retreat to the Lysyczanska Donec on the southern bank. (…) The Ukrainian counter-offensive on the borders of Kherson Oblast remains a real threat for the Russians – and could force them to regroup significantly in southern Ukraine”.

– THE EMBARGO IS FULL OF HOLES, AND THE WAY TO BOARD IT WAS IT – BOTH FOR THE EUROPEAN UNION AND FOR THE MEMBER STATES AND VON DER LEYEN – DIE WELT (on Onet)First, it was Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who blocked the sixth sanctions package for many weeks, largely on his own, and stood atop the other 26 leaders. State and government. There is a hole in the far-reaching oil embargo, which may not be essential in terms of content, but which is politically painful.”

– THE EMBARGO STARTS IN 7 MONTHS. THEN UKRAINE CAN ALREADY BE CONQUERED BY RUSSIA – JĘDRZEJ BIELECKI IN RZ“For Ukrainians, these seven months are eternal. More than double the duration of the war. (…) Slowly but surely, Putin’s forces are advancing in the Donbass. Their next goal could be to completely cut Ukraine off from the Black Sea. For now, time is also working in favor of the Kremlin in a different way. So far, the sanctions have only limited Russian exports to the EU by a fifth. »

– WHY ARE MACRON AND SCHOLZ STILL CALLING POUTINE?! – JAROSŁAW KUISZ INTERIOR“Macron and Scholz’s phones seem to be an example of direct collaboration with the enemy – over the heads of other countries. Honorable intentions? No way. Paris and Berlin are accused, at best, of being naïve, of not understanding “how Moscow works”. Generally speaking, this amounts to saying: “Russia only understands the argument of force. At the bottom of this sentence is a mass of assumptions from past collective experience. For example, on the absurdity of faith in the politics of dialogue or on the fact that any sanction will stop the Russian aggressor ready to spend millions on war, at the expense of intimidated citizens, etc. “.

– IN THE PAST SIX YEARS AND WE HAVE ADDED MORE THAN ONE KAMYCZE TO THE OUTLOOK – OFTEN ARTIFICIAL AND FOR STRENGTH – HIGHLIGHTING A RADICAL DIFFERENCE. REQUIRED – CONTINUE“And it’s a long way to go, as the example not only of France and Germany, but also of Hungary’s pro-Russian policy, proves. Over the past six years, we too have thrown more than a stone at the divergent perspectives – often artificially and forcefully – underlining a radical difference. Unnecessarily. We are never safer than when someone we seek help from sees or even feels that we are at least a little like them. This compassion must occur at the level of ordinary citizens. After all, nothing proves this better than Polish aid to Ukrainian women with children. It is worth remembering this need for a greater unification of perspectives – even when there are reasons to strongly criticize the 80-minute talks between Macron and Scholz and Putin”.,nId,5821031

– FIVE YEARS AGO, ANDRZEJ DUDA SPACIFIED SOCIAL PROTESTS AND DEMOBILIZED OPPOSITION VOTERS, LEADING TO A SHORT RISE IN PIS QUOTES. MANY INDICATIONS THAT A SIMILAR ACTION IS TAKING PLACE NOW, AS IN 2017 WILL THE PRESIDENT SAVE THE PRESIDENT AGAIN? – MARIUSZ JANICKI IN THE POLITICAL WEEKLY“Consequently, there are many indications that the polling breakthrough in 2017 was the result of the president’s easing of tensions and demobilization of opposition voters. Which helped PiS a lot. This was done at virtually no cost, as Duda’s new bills were only a cosmetic correction of the original scriptural concepts. But by then these fake changes overwhelmed the social resistance, people apparently felt that they had already done a lot for the rule of law, that there was no more to be done, maybe that the authorities had understood something and that it would be better. Was not”.

– WHAT HAPPENED IN 2017 IS STRONGLY REMINDERING THE SITUATION OF TODAY – FOLLOWING JANICKI“What happened in 2017 strongly resembles the situation today. There is still a deal with America, Joe Biden gave a speech in Warsaw, military cooperation has never been greater. President Duda is again considered an independent politician, he becomes a “security” for the PiS order, and more, because it is his second term and he can theoretically afford more independence. Again, there’s a sequence similar to 2017: the lex TVN veto, the disciplinary chamber law, Duda’s statements that it’s not just right-wing sympathizers who have it selected. Added to this are the war in Ukraine, Duda’s personal familiarity with President Zelensky, and the situational increase in Poland’s strategic role. Finally – like five years ago – Duda’s Supreme Court bill changes nothing, it’s just an illusion of reform, like the bills he introduced after a veto against the PiS concept. The analogy is striking.”

– SYNDROM 2017 CAN WORK AGAIN – FOLLOWING JANICKI: “Bigger increases in the ruling party may be hampered by inflation, expensive loans, high energy prices at the moment, but the simple fact that despite the ruling party’s high price going up, it shows that the 2017 syndrome can still work.”

– DUDA IS AN EFFECTIVE PROTECTION AGAINST LIGHTNING, DRAINS TENSIONS AND NEUTRALIZES THEM – MORE JANICKI IN POLITICS“In this sense, Duda is an effective lightning rod according to Kaczyński, it removes tensions and neutralizes them. This is a form of “Duda-aid” (who else remembers that legal aid program from the presidential campaign?). People have a strange soft spot for the president, voters and many journalists are not able to treat him as harshly as other PiS politicians”.,1,


– YOUNG PEOPLE CAN BE VERY PROGRESSIVE, BUT ELECTION RESULTS WILL BE DECITED MORE SOON BY PROGRESSIVE RETIREES – MICHAŁ SZUŁDRZYŃSKI ON PLATFORM DILEMMAS: “Young people can be very progressive, but it is rather less progressive retirees who will decide the outcome of the election. Donald Tusk’s recent statements about the Church may indicate that he has already decided that the Civic Platform should take a leftward turn. Is this the final decision? Because it will place the parties referring to conservatism – PSL or the Center for Poland – to completely new challenges”.

– BORISOWA WITH THE EPP NOBODY THROWS AWAY – ONET SUMMARY OF THE EPP CONGRESS (Piotr Maciej Kaczyński): “Weber said in his inaugural speech that thanks to the elimination of Fidesz”, today the EPP, not the Socialists, not the Greens, not the Liberals, is a party of the rule of law! This is Donald Tusk’s legacy. Donald, rest assured, we will protect your heritage at European level. Thank you.” Meanwhile, former Bulgarian Prime Minister Boïko Borissov, detained in 2021 for “embezzlement of European funds”, roams the corridors of the summit as a delegate to the EPP congress. He is not expelled by anyone from the EPP . »,79cfc278

– 19 YEARS AGO, Donald Tusk became the president of the Civic Platform.

– BIRTHDAY: Kamila Baranowska, Anita Czupryn, Wiesław Szczepański, Grzegorz Pietruczuk, Gwidon Wójcik, Zbigniew Gryglas, Tadeusz Zieliński, Tosia Kamińska.

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