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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces that the new eK X EV (pronounced “eK ‘cross’ EV”), an all-electric kei-car*1 with a range of 180 km, will be available for sale this summer in Japan and on Rakuten Ichiba e-commerce market * 2.

At a time when the transition to electrified vehicles is key to building a carbon-neutral society, Mitsubishi Motors introduces the new eK X EV, a kei-car that embodies the uniqueness of Mitsubishi Motors – a combination of safety, protection and comfort and respect for the environment.

The EK X EV is a new electric car (EV) that will join the eK X 4 series, Mitsubishi’s small kei-car SUV. It offers enough battery life for everyday use*5 at an affordable price. The new model is characterized by the spacious and pleasant cabin and the ease of use of the eK X – a kei-car with a high body – while offering the smoothness and dynamics offered by electric vehicles, a quiet drive and comfortable and convenient Rider advanced assistance systems and communications.

Mitsubishi’s new electric kei-car

The Mitsubishi eK X EV is a new generation electric car model that joins the eK X series. The powerful SUV-style styling is complemented by exclusive details and new styling that gives the car a new look, emphasizing the character of the electric vehicle. The interior has a 7-inch color LCD screen and an electric lever that controls the direction of travel, which improves functionality. Thanks to the layout of the newly developed electric drive system, the eK X EV offers the same spacious and comfortable cabin as the petrol model, as well as high stability and driving comfort thanks to its low center of gravity and to the ideal weight distribution on the front and rear axles. A range of 180 km on a single charge is enough for everyday use. Mitsubishi eK X EV offers smooth, dynamic acceleration and a quiet, enjoyable ride that are hallmarks of electric vehicles. Plus, advanced driver assistance and connectivity systems reduce driver stress for safe, confident and comfortable driving. The high-capacity traction battery will come in handy in emergency situations and can be used as a convenient power source for electrical appliances through the V2L*7 adapter. Additionally, the V2H*8 functionality also helps alleviate trouble of electricity supply and demand by allowing you to use energy from your home battery or energy supplied by your home to charge your vehicle.

A range of 180 km on a single charge, sufficient for daily use

Equipped with a newly developed traction battery with a total capacity of 20 kilowatt-hours (kWh), the all-new eK X EV offers a range of 180 km on a single charge, which is sufficient for daily use such as commuting -work or shopping. About 80% of kei-car and compact car users travel 50 km or less per day (according to a study by Mitsubishi Motors), so it is estimated that most users can drive for two days without recharging.
The vehicle has two charging ports – a regular charge (AC200V/14.5A) which takes around 8 hours to reach a full charge, and a quick charge which takes around 40 minutes to reach 80% battery capacity. This provides additional convenience as the standard charging port is used at home and the fast charging port is used for long trips. By using a cooling system in the traction battery that uses refrigerant from the air conditioner to control the temperature rise in the battery, it is possible to maintain a high level of battery efficiency even with regular high-speed driving. speed and frequent use of fast chargers.

A smooth and dynamic driving experience in an electric car

The maximum torque is 195 Nm, which is almost double the petrol-turbocharged model. Improved engine power characteristics have enabled a smooth and dynamic ride, which makes electric vehicles attractive. In the city, the car drives confidently and in accordance with the driver’s intentions, and on highways it can easily join high-speed traffic with other vehicles. There are three driving modes that allow the driver to select a mode suited to the driving conditions: Normal mode, which is optimal for city driving, Eco mode, which reduces engine power to reduce energy consumption, and Sport mode, which offers a crisp and lively pedal. response acceleration. The car uses an innovative pedal operation mode, which allows you to control acceleration and braking by correctly operating only the accelerator pedal. This reduces driver fatigue on long trips by providing adequate braking force without having to move your foot from the accelerator pedal to the brake pedal. Only when you need to brake harder or bring the vehicle to a complete stop should you use the brake pedal. The reduced thickness of the traction battery is optimally positioned under the floor and the roof panel has been thinned to keep the vehicle’s center of gravity low, reducing body roll when cornering. Weight is distributed in a near-perfect 56:44 ratio between the front and rear axles to optimize load distribution across all wheels, while the suspension has been specially tuned for agility and stability at the same time. ensuring relaxed driving.

Spacious and comfortable interior

Reducing the thickness of the traction battery under the floor has created space for the knees of the rear passengers, obtaining the best result in its class * 9. The shoulder area of ​​the front seats is also one of the largest in class9, providing comfortable cabin space. The luggage compartment is also one of the largest in its class9. In addition, the seats can be moved or the backrests folded down in one movement from the luggage compartment, which is practical for users who transport larger objects. The cable for normal (home) battery charging can be stowed in a storage compartment under the floor of the luggage compartment, allowing efficient use of the cargo space.

Smooth and safe ride

To provide drivers with a relaxed ride in all weather and road conditions, the eK X EV comes standard with Grip Control, which helps the driver start on slippery surfaces. This system makes starting easier by braking the front wheel when it begins to skid on snowy or muddy surfaces and by transferring more torque to the other wheel which has not lost traction.

MI-PILOT for everyday driving assistance

This is the first Mitsubishi vehicle to use the MI-PILOT parking assistance system, which greatly contributes to efficient parking. The system automatically detects usable parking spaces and can support rear, front or parallel parking. The new Mitsubishi eK X EV is equipped with the MI-PILOT*10 system to assist highway driving while staying in one lane. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) relieve the driver by keeping a safe distance from traffic ahead and keeping the car close to the center of the lane. The 7-inch color LCD screen clearly displays the status of the vehicle’s brake lights and the working status of the MI-PILOT system, increasing driving safety.

Mitsubishi Connect gives drivers the peace of mind they need to stay connected with the world

The Mitsubishi Connect*11 system ensures safe, confident and comfortable driving. In addition to the SOS emergency assistance function, the system increases the comfort of car ownership with useful functions such as the vehicle status report, which allows users to check the current charge level battery and lock the doors, remote air conditioning to start the air conditioning remotely. , and Remote Charge notifies the driver when charging is complete, and Car Finder locates where the vehicle is parked.

The high capacity traction battery can also be used as a reliable source of electricity

When connected to a V2H device at home, the energy stored in the traction battery can be used by household electrical consumers during the day when power consumption is high. The traction battery can then be recharged overnight, helping to mitigate peak electricity demand. The energy stored in the traction battery is equivalent to approximately one day’s consumption of an average household*12, and in the event of a power outage, it can be used by connecting to a V2H device to provide a power source reliable backup. In addition, thanks to the V2L adapter, the vehicle battery can be used to power electronic and electrical devices, for example when camping or other outdoor activities.

1 Kei-car is a vehicle category in Japan for microcars.
2 Activities of Rakuten Group, Inc.
4 The model range includes the eK X, the high body kei-car, and the eK X space, the high kei-car.
5 In Japan, about 80% of kei-car and compact car users travel 50 km or less per day (Mitsubishi Motors study). Thus, it is estimated that most users can drive for two days without recharging.
6 WLTC (Worldwide Harmonized Light Duty Test Cycle) is a globally used test cycle that consists of balanced modes for city, suburban and highway driving.
7 Vehicle to be charged – the car to the electrical receiver. A system that allows the transmission of electricity stored in the car to external receivers using a V2L adapter.
8 Vehicle to home – the car to the building. A system that allows the house to be supplied with the electricity stored in the traction battery of the car via the V2H device.
9 The category of kei-cars for high wagons includes vehicles whose total height does not exceed 1,700 mm.
10 MI-PILOT Assist in the United States and Canada.
11 Mitsubishi Connect is the collective term for the connectivity services offered by Mitsubishi Motors. To use the service, installation of the My Mitsubishi Connect smartphone app and user registration are required.
12 Calculated on the basis of an average electricity consumption of a household of around 10 kWh/day.

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