No cars in the showrooms. Up to a year waits for the car

Crisis on the market, shortage of cars, queues are getting longer. The original cause was a pandemic

One of the causes of the car market crisis was a pandemic. It was then, as Auto Świat recalls, that semiconductors, which are components used in the production of cars, began to run out. Indeed, supply chains have been disrupted, factory failures in Texas and Japan and droughts in Taiwan added theirs. recalls that at the same time, chipmakers have turned to supplying industries with growing demand (and not the automotive sector).

They are discussed along with the production capacity issues of individual components and the effects of the pandemic in low-vaccination countries in Asia, where part of the manufacturing process takes place. – add in your diagnosis of an ongoing problem.

The situation is not improved by the war in Ukraine, which, as experts note, also affects delays in the production of components.

As you can see, car availability issues have many reasons and we are increasingly feeling the effect. You’ve been waiting for a new car for over a year.

True stories. These customers have been waiting for the car for 10 to 13 months

Buying a new car is not as easy as it was before the pandemic. Not only is the wait long, but there are no discounts either. Turn-of-the-year discounts, for cars produced the previous year, which could still be bought cheaper, were virtually non-existent in 2022. Dealerships are also forgoing the usual discounts for doctors, lawyers or celebrities.

All of this means that there are still stories of trouble buying.

  • Antoni has been renting cars for years from the same company. Since the contract ended in April last year, he would choose the new model in advance, hoping that he would switch from old to new smoothly as always. This is the first such situation when a leasing company insisted on releasing an old car, but was completely unable to determine when it would be a new one. The parties finally reached an agreement: the customer uses the old car until he receives a new one, which is another 13 months, and the desired car is finally collected in May 2022.
  • Tomasz is still waiting for his luxurious new car. In May 2022, 10 long months of waiting have passed, although a particular client has the privilege of keeping track of the approach of the day of receipt of the keys. The dealer periodically informs him of the number of missing parts to assemble the whole car. It starts with 7 missing components. May is a big month for him: he is only waiting for one game and he is told that he will wait another month, two at the most.

New or used cars? Electric, hybrid or classic? We check what she chooses to make her wait less

Many customers (as these words write) decided to buy a more expensive model than they originally expected. Its benefits were available almost out of hand. You have to wait for a dream car with self-configured options, like Antoni and Tomasz, which is about a year.

Business Insider will ask the experts which models they choose in order to have a chance to wait a little less.

– You may notice that European manufacturers have more problems with chip shortages. Asian brands fare betterj – said Pawe Tuzinek, president of the Automobile Dealers Association.

Wojciech Drzewiecki, president of the SAMAR Automotive Market Research Institute, offers advice on the fastest available range of cars.

Those who choose mid-range cars have the hardest time – suggests Drzewiecki. – Cars requiring as little electronics as possible and poorly equipped must be produced on a good scale. On the other hand, we also note that in the first place, the worries are concerned with premium cars, on which the margin is the highest.

There are other possibilities to get a new car faster, but not in the showroom, but on the other hand, there are post-lease cars and advertisements such as: cars. It should be noted, however, that in the absence of cars on the market, the prices of recently used ones have increased significantly.

Electric cars and hybrid cars are another topic. They are not yet as popular as classic vehicles and are therefore also somewhat more accessible.

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