PARP: Board games, playgrounds, children’s books with EU support

Innovative playgrounds, board games, personalized books, a platform that facilitates psychotherapy for children and adolescents – these are projects for children that have received funding through competitions supported by funds from the EU – announced the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

As highlighted in Wednesday’s statement by PARP on the occasion of the day of the child, support is given through European funds, among others, for projects for children and young people. The resulting investments, products and services help parents and caregivers influence their development, learn new skills, expand their knowledge and provide new forms of entertainment. Thanks to this, the child can develop his confidence in himself and his environment, seek his independence and develop – underline.

It was announced that card games, board games, innovative playgrounds, personalized books, a platform facilitating psychotherapy for children and adolescents – these are selected projects aimed at children who have received funding in the framework of competitions financed by the EU under the Program of Intelligent Development (POIR) and Eastern Poland (POPW), managed by the Polish Agency for the Development of Enterprises.

As part of the “Research for the Market” competition, funded by the Smart Development Program, for example Fabryka Kart Trefl Kraków received funding of more than 8 million PLN to start the production of innovative card and board games, secured with a biocidal varnish.

It was reported that in the framework of the competition “Pattern for competition”, funded by the Eastern Poland program, the company SIMBA SC M. Ćwirzeń W. Gęsicki received support for a system of modular devices dedicated to playgrounds for 3 age groups: crèche, kindergarten, school. Co-funding under the same program also went to AVIS Ekologiczne Playgrounds. The project involves the implementation of a product innovation in the form of the modular playground system in prefabricated technology, easy-to-install hexagonal elements – Explain.

It was noted that Polish playground manufacturers also want to enter foreign markets. As part of the “Go to Brand” competition, funded by the Smart Development Program, Inter System SC received more than PLN 400,000 for promoting the Inter-Play brand in foreign markets, intended for domestic sales only. ‘foreign – handed over to the PARP.

Furnishing elements of the space dedicated to children based on an innovative design interpretation of the Montessori and Slow Parenting methods – is a Synapsa Med project, co-financed by almost 340,000. within the framework of the Smart Development Program competition – ” Vouchers for innovations for SMEs” – were distributed.

However, thanks to the co-financing of about 110 thousand. PLN of the Intelligent Development Program, within the framework of the competition “Design for Entrepreneurs”, the website and publisher of personalized books for children and adults – – plans to increase the competitiveness of the publishing house. It goes, among other things, for the preparation of an “enhanced version of the book customization application”.

Among the projects implemented by the beneficiaries of the funds, implemented by the PARP, there are also those related to psychotherapy via the Internet, which began to be popular when the pandemic broke out. Anna Olszewska Guider received funding under the Smart Development Program, within the competition “Vouchers for innovation for SMEs”, for more than 151,000 zloty. – handed over. The funds were allocated to the development of “an innovative platform facilitating the psychotherapy of children and adolescents with cognitive-behavioral tendencies and enabling remote psychotherapy”.

According to GUS data cited by PARP, in 2020 there were more than 7.3 million children under the age of 18 in Poland; the value of the market addressed to this group of recipients in 2020 was estimated at PLN 14.49 billion according to the PMR report “Retail trade of children’s products in Poland 2021”.

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