Pinterest opens an office in Warsaw

This is Pinterest’s first engineering center in Central Europe, and it will be able to increase the workload of its global engineering teams, which will benefit users, creators and advertisers around the world.

Pinterest began operating in Poland in December 2021 with the acquisition of VOCHI, which already had an office and employees in Warsaw. VOCHI is an application that uses artificial intelligence to provide users with state-of-the-art video creation and editing tools. VOCHI will continue to be a separate app, while the development team is also working on creative tools for the Pinterest platform. VOCHI employees became the backbone of the Warsaw office, and Pinterest began to have a strong infrastructure and management staff on the Vistula, which could attract new talented employees to the region.

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In 2022, Pinterest plans to double the employment of engineers in Warsaw, whose task will be to develop the areas of video and image recognition both in the VOCHI application and on the global Pinterest platform. The company is of particular interest to Central and Eastern European experts specializing in the creation and consumption of video content on mobile devices, augmented reality and image recognition. Their mission will be to create the technology and environment that will empower the creative resources offered on Pinterest and bring the company closer to the most popular platform for posting lifestyle inspirations.

Pinterest is a source of inspiration for more than 400 million people around the world who use the platform every month to discover inspiring ideas and people. Pinterest’s unique technical challenges are scaling the service, where billions of items stay relevant and can be discovered at any time through text and visual input. They can reappear in recommendations thanks to a custom algorithm that uses signals generated based on predicted interests.

Pinterest’s priority is to continue its efforts to make the platform the home of the most inspiring and inclusive content. With engaging content from a new generation of creators, Pinterest believes it can be the platform for the most creative people.

We’re building an environment for creators that gives them the tools to drive strong audience engagement, empowering Pinterest to deliver the most inspiring content in the world. The new engineering center in Warsaw will allow us to use the specialized technical skills of experts from this region, including knowledge in the field of mobile video, AR and image recognition, that is i.e. tools that fuel the creative resources we offer creators. Pinterest is a place where people can work at the highest level and we can’t wait to see new talent from Poland enriching our experience. – says Jeremy King, senior vice president of engineering at Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual inspiration app, powered by the largest collection of man-made ideas. Every month, more than 360 billion ideas are written by more than 400 million people around the world. People use Pinterest to seek inspiration in fashion, home decor, vacations and many other areas of interest. Pinterest is where the next generation of image recognition and recommendation technologies, AR and AI, as well as visual search and object detection are being developed.

Pinterest engineers are innovating using technology as a driving force to make Pinterest a go-to shopping destination that, more than anywhere else, is like walking through virtual store aisles and a place where people can virtually try on products, compare brands and prices and search and shop with your camera and photos.

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