the fate of the Polish electric car is beyond the control of the manufacturer? There are delays

According to the officially maintained plan, the production of Izera must start in 2024, and therefore at the latest in 2.5 years. So I was given the difficult task of summarizing the status of the project and the chances that in January 2025 the first Izers will actually hit the streets.

In the meantime, the situation in the automotive market is, to put it mildly, complex, over which the manufacturer of Izera obviously has limited influence. This may raise concerns about the fate of the Polish electric car, and for me it is inconvenient because I know and like some people working at ElectroMobility Poland.

Izera: factory plans in good hands

Of course, professionals working for Elektro Mobility Poland may not have sufficient experience in the field of construction works, therefore an agreement was signed with the Polish company Prochem, which became the replacement investor of the project. . Thus, he will first apply for a building permit, launch calls for tenders in which contractors will be selected, and then he will supervise the construction works.

As for what’s inside – that is, the production lines, the devices and the entire logistics process – a German company has to take care of it. The contract for the provision of engineering services was signed with Durr Systems AG. It is the Germans who must draw up guidelines for the construction company. “These works – informs ElectroMobility Poland – are taking place according to the adopted schedule”. Worse when it comes to the land on which the factory will be built. These are not there, and the Polish car manufacturer – as he himself admits – has no influence on when they were acquired. In fact, it is also not certain that he will get them.

Izera: the forest is still growing on the construction site

Photo: ElectroMobility Poland

Izera: announcement of the location of the factory

Formally, Electromobility Poland must obtain land for the construction of the plant from the Jaworzno authorities, but the city must first take it back in exchange with the current owner. ElectroMobility Poland Communication Office:

There are good intentions – that’s the most important thing. But the fact that the “first shovel” has not yet been laid, given the lack of time and the tight schedule, may raise fears of further delays and increased costs. It is not good when the producer has no influence on the process of obtaining the land for the factory.

The text continues below the video:

The Izera platform is a secret. You can’t move without it

The platform is the basis of the car, its most important component. Only with the platform can you add (design) a body, it depends on the platform what parts will be needed, where the battery will be placed and its size, the driving the car, its safety, etc. Importantly, the platform is the most expensive element of automotive construction, its design and testing is not millions, but billions of dollars. Due to the huge amount of investment, the same platform is the basis of a large number of car models, and the manufacturers who have the platform are willing to share the cost by providing the rights use of the project (or by supplying ready-made components) even to competing companies. This availability was announced, among others, by Volkswagen.

A platform for Izera: the negotiations drag on

ElectroMobility Poland already announced the choice of platform provider a few months ago, i.e. the company decided with whom it wants to continue discussions, but without giving the name of the company. This choice does not mean the end of negotiations and their effects. The name of the supplier was to be announced in January, February… We are in June. ElectroMobility Poland:

It is therefore still not known whether the Izera will rather be a German Volkswagen, a French or Chinese car. Or maybe Japanese? Unfortunately, the Izera car remains a model until the end of negotiations. Only after acquiring the platform can you design it from the technical point of view, start delivering the necessary components … Let’s be clear: the red Izera, which can be seen on the photos, is still a 1:1 scale model, nothing Suite.

Izera market situation: we are planning, we are considering…

Everyone can see that car production has found itself in the worst crisis in history. Even the bigger, more experienced ones, economies of scale (buying more, and therefore cheaper) shut down production because there is a shortage of semiconductors, wiring harnesses, and many other parts. Steel, aluminum and energy are more expensive. When it comes to electric cars, rising lithium prices for battery production are a problem.

Under these conditions, ElectroMobility Poland must not only negotiate access to the technology (platform) but also order components that are lacking even for the largest. What about the profitability of production, if it is impossible to estimate the costs under current conditions? PEM:

It’s easy to write. It’s hard to do.

Izera: will the production date be postponed?

In this complex situation, I asked the EMP representatives directly: “Do you think the plans to start production of the Izera car by the end of 2024 are valid? Is it true that the currently planned production start dates are 2025-26? ” Here is the answer :

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