The new Creative Zen Hybrid headset. How much do they cost and are they worth it?

Creative Technology has launched the Creative Zen Hybrid headset. What are their features and are their technical specifications as zen as their design?

The Creative Zen Hybrid Wireless Earbuds aren’t just a sleek, minimalist case. They are first and foremost masters of long-distance music playback, and their features are an easy way to get the Zen effect in the middle of a big city. How and why does the mysterious Super X-Fi help?

Why will you enjoy Creative Zen Hybrid Wireless Earbuds?

The key to success with the Creative Zen Hybrid headset is being aware of your surroundings and managing your energy. Thanks to them, the user gets everything necessary to control the sound mess for a long time. By putting them on your ears, you can count on them not discharging even for 37 hours and reconciling with reality thanks to intuitive operation Noise reduction (AND) and ambient (Ambient) modes. How it works?

Creative Zen Hybrid Surround mode

If we want to hear the sounds around us in the Creative Zen Hybrid headphones, just start the ambient mode. By using it, we can enjoy music while listening to messages at the station or safely participate in road traffic. To hear your surroundings, simply double tap the ANC button on the earbuds.

It’s very smart about this feature to prioritize conversation. The activated environment mode does not drown out the voice of the interlocutor and the user has at all times a microphone with active noise reduction.

Hybrid ANC with active noise cancellation in the Creative Zen hybrid headphones

Hybrid ANC technology is the pride of the Creative brand and a pure pleasure for the user. With built-in feedback and feedback microphones in each earbud, Creative Zen Hybrid is able to block out up to 95% of ambient noise.

  • Front return microphone it is placed outside each shell to sense its surroundings.
  • External microphone is designed to detect unwanted noise in the environment, then ANC technology sends a signal back to the headphones eliminating external interference.
  • Feedback microphone located inside each earbud, it is designed to monitor what is already reaching the user’s hearing, through which the ANC can further react and correct unwanted signals.

Zen Hybrid Headphone Noise Reduction

Easy to use Creative Zen Hybrid headphones

The Creative Zen Hybrid headphones feature 40mm neodymium full-range drivers for high-quality sound, from tight bass with a warm sound signature to crisp, clear highs. The necessary controls are on the right earcup. Their location is also conducive to more prosaic features. Thanks to them, we can easily answer the call, give commands using voice assistants, and not just adjust the volume of playback.

The convenience and comfort of Creative Zen hybrid wireless headphones

Creative’s headphones have a lightweight, sleek and durable design. According to the manufacturer, they are comfortable, firm and softthanks to the ear cups lined with synthetic leather. They offer optimal acoustic sealing and comfortable wear for many hours. Even the fuzz transport is not a problem. The headband connecting the ear cups has a metal core with shape memory effect. Zen Hybrid headphones which can be folded flat or half-folded cause no discomfort to the user afterwards.

Why aren’t Creative Zen Hybrid headphones failing?

A key feature of all wireless headphones is the rechargeable battery. In this regard, the Creatove Zen Hybrid passes the examination with a high five. Their full charge allows you to play music for more than a day. By using the medium volume level and saving us from additional modes, we can rely on them through 37 hours. If we use ANC or Ambient mode, this time is considerably shortened, but always returns to until 27 hours.

Zen Hybrid Helmet

Lack of energy has no right to spoil the day for forgetful owners of Creative Zen Hybrid headphones. We charge them via USB-C in an instant. 5 minutes of power sufficient to recharge their battery to a sufficient level to 5 hours of work.

Super X-Fi headset holography with SXFI READY technology in Creative Zen Hybrid headset

Thanks SXFI READY With headphones, you can experience virtual sound on locally stored content through the SXFI app. It acts as an MP3 player for files stored on the device. This causes it to be played in a smart multi-speaker system.

Creative Zen Hybrid Headphone SXFI

How does Super X-Fi work?

Super X-Fi is computer audio. It uses complex algorithms and computationally intensive techniques to tailor the acoustics of sound to each person through a sophisticated head and ear mapping process. Just take three photos of the face and ears with the phone, and hundreds of anthropometric parameters can distinguish head and ear features with high accuracy through real-time image detection and analysis. . Then, artificial intelligence (AI) engines use the collected parameters, adapt them to the target helmet and synthesize them with a multi-dimensional acoustic map of the room.

The capabilities of the Creative Zen Hybrid headphones

The basic capabilities of the Creative Zen Hybrid headset are shown in the following infographic:

Creative Zen Hybrid Headset Features

More details are provided in the technical specification, which is as follows:

Technical specifications of the Creative Zen Hybrid wireless headphones

Construction: firm

Headphone transducers:

  • Fine-tuned 40mm neodymium drivers
  • Frequency range: 20–20,000 Hz
  • sensitivity (1kHz/mW): 117dB
  • impedance: 32 ohms

Microphones: 5x omnidirectional

Bluetooth version:Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth profiles:

  • A2DP (wireless, stereo, Bluetooth)
  • AVRCP (Bluetooth transmission remote control)
  • HFP (Hands Free Profile)

Audio Codecs:

Bluetooth link frequency: 2402-2480MHz

Wireless operating range: up to 10 meters

Maximum RF output power: 8dBm

Voice assistant support:

Battery Type:

  • battery in the helmet: 1 x 500 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery

Playtime (default):

  • up to 37 hours (with ANC off)
  • up to 27 hours (with ANC on)

charging interface: USB-C

Loading time:

  • 1.5 hours
  • Charge 5 minutes for 5 hours of playback

USB cable length: 0.8m

Analog cable length: 1.2m


  • Headphones: 271g
  • USB cable: 15g
  • analog cable: 15 g

Minimum System Requirements:

  1. for Bluetooth sound:
  • compatible Bluetooth devices that support the Stereo Bluetooth Profile (A2DP)
  • Bluetooth enabled devices supporting HandFree (HFP)
  • Bluetooth enabled devices that support Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
  1. 2.for analog audio:
  • devices with 3.5mm audio input

Creative Zen Hybrid Headphones

How much do Creative Zen Hybrid headphones cost and where can I find them?

Creative Zen hybrid wireless headphones are now on sale at the price of 467 PLN. For this money we get an elegant package containing:

  • Creative Zen Hybrid Headphones
  • Case
  • 3.5mm AUX input cable (1.2m)
  • USB-C → USB-A cable (for charging)
  • Quick Start Guide

Smart people also have one week to win one of the Creative Zen Hybrid wireless earphone pre-order kits. The competition lasts until June 8 and there are up to 100 pairs to be won.

Source: Creative Technology

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