Three Mistakes Smartphone Users Make That Can Be Easily Avoided

The errors of some smartphone users can affect the comfort of using the mobile phone. Others even threaten the safety of device owners. We advise activities related to the use of the telephone to be avoided.

Preventable Smartphone User Mistakes

We have selected a few that are often engaged smartphone usage errorswhich we want to warn you about. However, it’s not just about dealing with phone misuse – it’s also important to know how to deal with it properly. Therefore, for each error described, we have explained how to do the right thing.

Error 1: Using the wrong charger

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Currently we will charge almost all new android smartphones chargerswhich at first glance are identical – they consist of a universal cubes connected to a USB – USB C socket and cable (in the case of older smartphones USB – micro USB, and in iPhones with a Lightning tip). Unfortunately, this does not mean that using any charger will be equally good for our smartphone.

First, individual phones support different charging standards. If our smartphone uses fast charging, for example 65W, and we buy the simplest charger in the store, your device will charge much slowerthan its potential allows. Theoretically, it is enough to use the charger supplied by the manufacturer to the set to avoid this problem. However, it happens that we lose the original charger or that we buy the phone without this accessory in the box. In addition, manufacturers sometimes add a charger to the set themselves, which does not use the potential of the smartphone (this is sometimes the case, for example, with cheaper Motorola).

The second aspect of this problem is much more serious. It is about using chargers with design flaws and without the appropriate certificates. Use of such accessories may result in electric shock or even fire. In February, we reported that inspectors had discovered thousands of faulty chargers.

So what to do? First of all, avoid the cheapest chargers from unknown manufacturers that do not have the appropriate certificates and a pictogram informing about double insulation. Use accessories obtained from the manufacturer of the smartphone or good branded and high quality replacements. If we want to be sure to charge the phone as quickly as possible, let’s also pay attention to the possibilities of the charger in this regard, using the formula V x A = W. For example, the Xiaomi Mi 9T supports 18 W charging, and on the charger supplied with this model there is information that it can produce a voltage of 9 V at the output of 2 A. 9 V x 2 A = 18 W, so with this charger we will charge the smartphone in the shortest possible time.

Mistake 2: Not using backup

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Lack of backups can cost us a lot of nerves if we lose or break the device. Photos and other documents that are very important to us may be lost and it is not possible to recover them. Currently, many people store the most files on their smartphones, so the losses can be very large.

In phone settings you can create auto save saved in the cloud. This solution may work for some people. If we are concerned about the constant transfer of private data over the network, we may copy the most important files ourselves to another device, such as a computer, from time to time. This solution will also strengthen data security, after all, two devices are very unlikely to be lost or broken at the same time. However, we will have to spend some time copying the files ourselves.

Error 3: Skipping updates

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If you use a lot of applications on a smartphone, the question of updating can be tiring. From time to time, one of the programs is waiting for the next version to be downloaded, and there are also more news related to the operating system and security patches. Updating everything takes some time and, if we have a limited data package and are concerned about its status, access to the WiFi network. In addition, sometimes an update changes something in the software we use, which is a source of frustration.

All this causes some smartphone users to completely ignore the updates that appear, and that is a mistake. Most new software releases result in new features and simplified use of the application. However, the most important thing is security, especially in the case of, for example, mobile banking programs and system fixes made available by the smartphone manufacturer.

Conclusion ? It is worth checking the section with updates in the settings of the smartphone from time to time and downloading the fixes that appear. They are particularly important security patches and updates for the most important smartphone applications. If we have any doubts, read in the description of a given program what the new version contains, or look for reviews of other users of a given smartphone, how the operation of the equipment was influenced, for example, by the next version of the system. Skipping the update altogether is definitely a bad idea.

What other mistakes do smartphone users make?

Many errors made by smartphone users are related to cyber security. Too hasty a reaction to a message received on the phone or downloading an application from an untrusted source can lead to serious problems. For more information on this, please see our guide to using smartphones securely.

main photo: Nicholas Santoianni / Unsplash

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