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Investing.com – We constantly want “more” and at the same time suffer from excess, and certainly from excess information. Information overload makes it difficult to make effective decisions. Therefore, let’s take a step back and look at the events of the past month in the financial markets from a certain perspective.

Especially for you, we collect the most important articles of the month and the instruments that generated the most interest in May among investors visiting the Investing.com Polska site.

1. This month’s big story is about Luna

In this article, we’ve covered evidence of a cryptocurrency “scam”. Terra (LUNA): A multi-million dollar scam – the evidence is mounting. Could the damage go beyond the collapse of the stablecoin and spread to other cryptocurrencies?

Since November 2021, speculative enthusiasm for crypto has waned along with cryptocurrency prices. The deeper the fall in prices, the more the “I told you so” doomsayers are heard, while the optimists see the current situation as an opportunity. And that’s what we were able to read in the document “Don’t let the cryptocurrency massacre scare you away – treat it as an opportunity! How?”

Warren Buffet also broached the subject at Berkshire Hathaway’s last annual shareholders meeting. See if he is right in his post about the leading cryptocurrency.

In a broader context, the continued declines in cryptocurrencies are prompting speculation around a peg to the NASDAQ: See: Cryptocurrency Crash: Bitcoin-Nasdaq Correlation and Interesting “Hectic” Trades.

The most viewed cryptocurrency valuations in May 2022 on Investing.com Polska are:

  1. moon earth

Are you curious to know your opinion: Cryptocurrencies: do we sell, buy or hold? What do you plan next? >>> Answer the survey!

2. Economic outlook, inflation, recession – how to invest?

This is another topic that intrigued us this month. Wall Street stocks had one of the worst starts to the year in history amid investor concerns over the Federal Reserve’s plans to raise interest rates to combat persistently high inflation. In this context, reference should be made to the text “Which sectors will gain with inflation? Chemical Industry and…”, which was very popular this month.

Our analysts have tried to answer this question by suggesting: 3 recession-proof stocks to protect your portfolio in these uncertain times. This is a document that will tell you where to “shelter” the money during this time.

Will 2022 be the year of value investing? The three 3 value companies are likely to outperform thanks to strong fundamentals, reasonable valuations and high dividends.

Many investors have been hit by declines this month. In this blog post, we explained how to deal with it: “Trading: how to deal with big losses?” how to treat them.

The most viewed indices on Investing.com Polska in May 20202 are:

The most popular stocks in May 2022 are:

  1. KGHM Polska sa (WA:)
  2. Novavax Inc. (NASDAQ:)
  3. Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank Polski SA (WA:)
  4. PZU (WA:)

3. The subject of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has remained unchanged for us since February 24

4. Interest rates in Poland

In a week, new decision of the Monetary Policy Council. This topic still does not come off the interest radar of readers who have read and shared the material: interest rates in Poland are already 5.25%. The dollar lost this month, while the Polish zloty gained against the euro, the Swiss franc and the dollar.

5. Rafał Zaorski – controversial investor

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