Top Gun: Maverick – review. A salute and a tribute to the old cinema

“Top Gun” is one of the most important and popular films, not only of the 1980s, but in general. Dropping a sequel on a similar level 36 years later seems like mission impossible, as everything around it has changed. But not him. Not Maverick.

Some were looking forward to it, others were trembling with uncertainty. Even with the possibilities that theaters offered more than three decades ago, I envy anyone who watched “Top Gun” on the big screen in 1986. I expected multiplexes to be tempted by a marathon of two parties due to the premiere of this year, but that did not happen. It remains to use the renewed 4K version of “Top Gun” in streaming or on the album, then go to the cinema. But do you have to watch a 36-year-old blockbuster to enjoy the screening of “Top Gun: Maverick”? I would venture to say that the lack of knowledge of the first part will not negatively affect the reception of the film, because as an independent story, it looks great. For those familiar with Tom Cruise’s first big movie, Part 2 will taste even better.

36 years after Top Gun, we get part two

Of course, the events of “Top Gun: Maverick” do not take place directly after the first part. Many years have passed since what we saw, and during this time Pete Mitchell has not been idle. It is found at the test flight stage of one of the machines developed by the Americans, and to extend the contract, its performance must be checked. Who better than the Maverick to show what the aircraft is capable of? Later, things move quite quickly, due to several decisions of the main character land back to Top Gun, the elite flight school where the best of the best are forged. Are his accomplishments enough to make him a good teacher?

This is a big budget production where every penny was hugely important

The film’s plot isn’t overly complicated, but driving it the way it was made took a lot of skill from the writers and director. The key to success turns out to be the ability to create tension and deceive the viewer – they know how most events will unfold, but still get distracted. The creators’ tips are not very sophisticated, but they work on so many levels (plans, music, game) that once immersed in the universe of Maverick, you don’t come out of it until the end credits. This film has a great pace and sensational dynamics, which also includes a joint musical composition by Harold Faltermeyer, Lady Gaga, Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe. The latter was the producer of the soundtrack and the effect of the collaboration of all the artists exceeded all expectations, because it is an excellent mixture of typical film scores and lighter pieces written by other artists, including OneRepublic.

Top Gun: Maverick is a high-flying show

Most impressive, however, are the scenes with jets in the lead role, where you can look for artificial CGI and unnatural aircraft behavior with a candle. The crew shot most of what we see on screen with real machines, and the cast underwent three months of training under the supervision of Tom Cruise to best reflect what happens to the pilot in such extreme circumstances. in front of the camera. It had a great effect, because everyone, without exception, behaved well in front of the camera, not just in the cockpit. The remaining scenes are often full of typical blockbuster behavior and speech, but the balance has been so well balanced that it doesn’t dazzle the eye, on the contrary – it convinces and draws you in. This performance is so successful that we do not question the veracity of these events even for a moment, but we have a lot of fun in the audience.

Top Gun: Maverick – The sequel that didn’t have to be done, but we can thank you for it

Considering all of this, it’s hard for me to identify shortcuts or gaps as bugs or flaws in the movie. The decision to show the character of Val Kilmer was a hit, and the absence of Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan is explained by the director with the desire to involve new characters in the story and the introduction of new threads drivers. Regardless of the truth, in the end, the right choice was made, because “Top Gun: Maverick” plays literally everything. Such a positive reception of this film does not surprise me at all, because the icing on the cake of such a successful production is the chemistry between Tom Cruise and Miles Teller, who plays the role of Rooster – the son of the late Goose.

The love theme is a nice addition and the use of Jennifer Connelly as Penny Benjamin was extremely accurate. Her character was born from a mere memory in the first film and now complements the story perfectly. Casting also proved extremely accurate in the case of Jon Ham, Charles Parnell, Monika Barbaro, Lewis Pullman (yes, Bill Pullman’s son), Jay Ellis, Glen Powell, and Danny Ramirez. The episodic role of Ed Harris also did its job. The film maintains a perfect balance between old-school action cinema and modern blockbuster. It can even be called a tribute to those years. We couldn’t expect more from Top Gun: Maverick than was served up.

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