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According to the data presented by the rail network manager, the yellow stickers saved more than 600 times from tragedy. Since June 2018, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe has marked several thousand road-rail level crossings.

Two yellow stickers, special link

Each has two yellow stickers with an individual identification number for travel and emergency phone numbers. A privileged link between the operators of the 112 number and the PKP PLK services in charge of rail traffic guarantees a rapid reaction to threats. This includes, among other things, a quick decision to stop the movement of trains.

Information on the yellow stickers placed on level crossings facilitates and accelerates actions for the safety of train drivers and passengers. The introduced solution actually reduces the risks resulting from inappropriate driver behavior or random events.

Information campaign

– Thanks to the information on the stickers, traffic at the crossings was stopped and the possibility of a tragedy was reduced by more than 600 times – said Ireneusz Merchel, Chairman of the Board of PKP PLK. For four years, information about the yellow stickers has been disseminated on trains, in stations, on social networks and on the websites of the partners of the “Safe Passage” campaign.

There were films, radio broadcasts, infographics, training informing about the location of the yellow PLK sticker on the crossing and in what situations to use the information displayed on it. The information campaign continues.

Thousands of submissions

From June 1, 2018 to May 30 this year, operators of the 112 emergency number received more than 20,000 reports of potential threats at level crossings and in railway areas. In more than 600 cases, thanks to a special high-speed connection, the movement of trains on the railway was interrupted and help was called. More than 1,400 reports resulted in the introduction of a speed limit for trains to ensure the safety of passengers and travellers.

Reflective stickers can be found inside the St. Andrew – if it is a pedestrian crossing, the crossing is secured with signs or signs and traffic lights. At level crossings with toll booths, stickers are found on the toll gate drives – posts to which the toll gate arm is attached.

Rapid transit point

Three basic data are shown on the yellow sticker affixed to the level crossing: individual level crossing identification number, emergency number 112, “emergency” numbers.

An individual identification number of a level crossing is assigned to a specific route – this is the number of the railway line and its kilometer. Thanks to him, during the intervention, the operator of the number 112 will quickly locate the passage on the rail network and on the ground. In a few minutes, train traffic will be suspended and the possibility of an incident will be minimized.

The emergency number 112 is used to report accidents or car breakdowns at the crossing.

A special bond

The numbers provided “in case of breakdown” are numbers to notify the railway dispatcher at the premises of a specific railway line plant of equipment failure, damage to crossing marking, if there is no immediate danger to life.

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In the event of a breakdown or incident on the level crossing and after connection to 112, the driver communicates the individual identification number of the yellow sticker. The operator of the number 112 informs – via a specially created line – the services of PKP PLK. An order to stop the movement of trains is issued.

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Since 2005, PLK has been running the “Safe Passage” campaign. There are thousands of calls for safety, education, science, training, seminars, and train crash analysis. The recipients of these activities are drivers, driving instructors and pedestrians – people of different ages: children, adolescents and adults.

Aleksander Pszoniak, PR24, akg

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