Blocks for adults


Many people organize puzzles as a distraction. If you have a technical mind, you probably prefer arranging 3D constructions. But is it appropriate for adults to stack blocks? Yet how!

I know there are building model and rocket ship fans among the readers. My attention fell on the cars. Target was a great remote control kit I could buy for a reasonable price. After research, the choice fell on a vehicle modeled on the Ferrari 488. The author of the project is Bruno Jenson, and the publisher of CaDA. The rest of the article will describe my experience with this model from purchase to finished structure.

To buy

I decided to buy directly from the manufacturer. On the store’s website, you will find a regular model at $180 and a motorized version at $227. I chose the version with motors. Shipping is free and took 13 days in my case. We can pay through PayPal, so we can use an attached card, for example, Revolut, thanks to which we will avoid currency conversion fees. The shipment came in an extra protective cardboard box.

First impression

The manufacturer has definitely taken care of the design. We receive a decent box with high quality embossing, varnishing and photos. You will find all the basic information on the box. Inside are 6 numbered boxes and a notice in six volumes. All in all, it’s a good idea to break the manual up into volumes, but it wasn’t until then that I realized how much fun it was. OK, package by package, but what about the model?


Before moving on to the bricks themselves, let’s spend a moment on the creator of the project. Meet Bruno Jenson, also known as brunojj1 on the MOC scene. Bruno works daily in the German automotive industry, is the father of three children and loves to create structures from blocks.

…and its design


The “CaDA C61042W Italian Supercar” model is based on the civilian version of the Ferrari 488. The set contains 3187 items. It was designed from the ground up as motorized, whereby the motors are well constructed and deeply integrated into the structure. The set includes 2 main motors driving the rear wheels and two servos controlling the gearbox and the steering wheel respectively. After its release on the mainstream market, the model was warmly received, although some solutions were also criticized. Bruno listened to these voices and issued an instruction to correct the 4 most frequently cited design flaws. The creator’s attachment is one of the reasons why I chose this model. The set also includes two beams with LED lights, a radio hub equipped with a lithium-polymer battery and a remote control.

The quality of the bearings

In the boxes mentioned above, you will find numbered bags with blocks. The elements are of high quality, all studs (tabs) have the manufacturer’s logo. The pieces fit together well, the colors are strong, saturated and with the same shades on all the pieces. That’s better than good, especially for a brand celebrating its second anniversary. The set only includes one print, the rest of the details have been completed with stickers. Of course, we prefer prints to stickers, but today that’s probably a common trend in the block industry. The elements also include 3 metal universal joints. Standard plastic versions of the seals are also included. In my model, I used two metal ones – to connect the driving wheels and one plastic one to connect the steering wheel, where there is not too much stress.


Let’s start with the fact that the whole thing is “technical”. So it contains a whole bunch of different types of pin connectors. And when I say “many” I mean literally hundreds of hyphens. The manufacturer packed the connectors separately, which is convenient when building, but requires us to prepare bowls or cups, and that’s the first thing we should start building with. A set consisting of almost three thousand two hundred parts can be easily assembled in one day, but I focused on the fun of building and spread the assembly over several evenings. The cables have a cleverly prepared routing, for example the main beams cross the door sills, however, they must be placed precisely immediately, because at a later stage of the construction any correction will be much more difficult.


During construction, we encounter a whole series of interesting design solutions, such as a tightly integrated servo in the block between the seats or a functional door handle mechanism. The suspension system consists of 8 springs. The suspension seems too hard when mounting. After assembling the assembly, it turns out that the weight of the vehicle balances the force of the springs. We also have a simulated 8-cylinder engine with moving pistons and a fully functional gearbox. An interesting fact is the movement of the paddles on the steering wheel when changing gears. This accent definitely deserves a big plus.


After assembly, we find a large number of spare parts. Interestingly, not only small items such as several dozen (!) Connectors of various types, but also larger parts such as a spare cylinder or an additional spring. CaDA apparently wanted to make sure they had nothing to send back.


The shape and proportions are definitely well mapped. The model is made on a scale of 1:8 and this scale has been well preserved. The structure is consistent, easy to carry, and the parts hold well while riding. At this point, it’s worth honestly mentioning that some users have reported that the air intake grille has fallen off during crashes – reinforcement for this item can be found in the aforementioned patch manual. The model is an elegant structure and is very suitable “on the shelf” as an exhibition. If necessary, the “tank” is recharged via USB.


The racing bike is much faster than I expected. The two coupled drive motors do the work. The steering is smooth and the gears shift dynamically while driving. The conversion from speed to torque and back is clearly visible. The pleasure is all the greater as we have more space. Although I bought the model for the build itself, I also had fun with it.

What would I add?

The model as a car is complete. If I had to add something, it would be two elements. A display plate with brief information about the model and creator, and a figure of a 1:8 scale driver sitting in the seat.


Folding the model is a mind-boggling game that definitely cuts us off from the world, and in that context, I highly recommend this build. The complexity of the model and the multitude of details prevent us from explaining to my wife why we chose this particular set for a four year old child. Once we’re done, the fun will be great.


I really recommend this set.

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