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Reliable iPhone 7 – true or false?

The iPhone 7 is a model that was very noisy before the official premiere.
Reliable iPhone 7 - true or false?

Reliable iPhone 7 – true or false? (Photo)

Most of its functionality has been obscured by the controversy over the elimination of the 3.5mm jack and the promotion of the first-generation AirPods in its place. People took offense to Apple, slapped their foreheads, and mass-produced memes. Today, TWS headphones are standard for many, and the traditional plug is a rarity. Along the way, the phones of many manufacturers managed to “lose” even their chargers, and the old scandal fell into oblivion, not making a big impression on anyone. The iPhone 7 itself came out of the battle with a defensive handset, as evidenced by the enduring popularity and likability of people who still use this phone. Not only that, iPhone 7 is constantly gaining new owners as it is the best budget model which is convenient to use and lets you get used to the brand and properties of iOS. However, before buying, it is worth considering the potential problems that may arise from the “metrics” of this device.

The most common faults of the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 turned out to be a solid device, guaranteeing smooth and extremely comfortable work. The camera with optical image stabilization, improved over its predecessors, and the certified water resistance are additional icing on the already excellent cake. However, this model has not avoided a few problems – especially those common to all devices that have already been used for years.

Typical iPhone 7 flaws appearing on a few copies, Apple quickly fixed them with software updates. It’s usually worth making sure to update the software to the latest stable version of iOS supported by the iPhone 7.

This may come at the expense of reduced battery life, but a dead iPhone 7 battery is itself a separate problem that requires attention if you intend to use the phone for a long period of time. Replacing the battery with a new one should eliminate all the “tricks” of a few years old smartphone, such as rapid discharge, freezing, resetting and a general slowdown in operation.

Another issue is also about the charging issue, but it is caused by damage to the charging port or the U2 power system. It is usually the result of dirt accumulated over the years, which in the same way is often responsible for the malfunctioning microphone or speakers.

A separate category covers defects caused by mechanical damage, such as flooding, impact or being dropped from a great height. They can affect almost any component, but the most vulnerable parts are most often affected, namely the glass, the screen, the touch processing module and the Home button.

How do I get my iPhone repaired?

If you decide to repair, choose an iPhone service that will perform a series of tests on the device to verify the operation of individual components at no additional cost – this will save you time and money on services that could not provide the expected result due to a misdiagnosed defect.

In the event of front panel damage limited to the crack in the shell itself, be sure to put a point of refurbishment – iPhone 7 glass replacement combined with professional cleaning and screen lamination will give you will achieve the effect of a new screen without investing in a much more expensive repair.

How to enjoy your device as long as possible?

An old proverb says prevention is better than cure. In the case of the iPhone 7, the best prevention is the application of an additional layer of protective glass on the front and covering the edges with a reinforced shell. Emerging issues with lower app responsiveness can be fixed by regularly updating the system to the latest version or periodically “resetting” the iPhone.

It is also important to control the consumption of options and functions that overcharge the battery and activate optimized charging – thanks to this you can extend the life of the cell and improve the working time of the phone without having to connect to a charger. This one, on the other hand, should have the MFI certificate, guaranteeing protection against the effects of overvoltages, and therefore against damage to the port and the charging system.

With these details in mind, you will be able to enjoy your Seven for a long time.

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