build a house cheaper than a studio. A detail was missing

  • Deputy Minister of Development and Technology Piotr Uściński claims that building a house up to 70 m² outside the city will be cheaper than buying a studio in a big city
  • The average price of a new studio apartment in a large city ranges from 390 to 480 thousand. zloty
  • According to the companies we interviewed, the price of an average house varies between 300,000 and 460,000 PLN. zloty
  • To this, however, must be added the cost of acquiring a building plot
  • More such information can be found on the main page of

On Monday the regulation allowing the construction of single-family houses up to 70 m² without obtaining a building permit has entered into force, appointing a project manager and keeping a register of works, in the so-called request procedure with the construction project. These buildings must be self-contained, with no more than two stories, constructed to meet the housing needs of the investor.

Uściński in TV Republika pointed out that building houses up to 70 m² without a permit, only on the basis of a notification, will not cause architectural disorder. – The municipality is responsible for the possibility or not of building on a given site. It is the municipality that decides on the development of the territory. When the local plan allows the construction of houses, such houses up to 70 m² can be built in a very simplified procedure. In the absence of local land use plans, the municipality will publish the construction conditions within 21 days, which is much faster than before. This will speed up the construction by a few months – said Uściński.

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