Huawei Watch GT3 Pro – high quality for everyone

It is no secret that the development of new technologies is having a dramatic impact on the widely understood functioning of society. As a result, more and more computer equipment and gadgets appear on the market, which allows users to derive not only satisfaction from use, but also a number of benefits. Among this type of gadgets are also the so-called smart watches, that is, smart watches. One of the most popular models is that of Huawei, the Watch GT3 Pro model. What sets it apart and why is it really worth having in your hands?

Huawei is a real giant in the field of consumer electronics and new technologies. One of the company’s main goals is to provide consumers with the highest quality smartwatches. Smart watches can not only check the time, but also check sleep quality, measure heart rate, check the weather, read messages and much more. There is also talk of the possibility of paying for purchases using a watch. Recently, Huawei’s latest smartwatch model hit the market, ie. GT3 Pro.

It cannot be denied that the manufacturer has set the bar very high, because each new variant of Huawei smartwatches amazes with its extensive possibilities. So what to expect? Well, first of all, it has IP68 support and exceptional immersion resistance up to 30 meters. Thanks to this, nothing prevents you from diving really deep into the watch – the GT3 Pro also works without problems in salt water. But that’s not all, because the case of this model is made of ceramic (ceramic case, bracelet and individual segments). Only the metal clasp remains here. Note that this is the first watch of this type in the Huawei range.

The GT3 Pro has a disc with a diameter of 43 mm. It has been designed in such a way that it adapts to both women’s and men’s styles. Especially since a version with a disc diameter of 46 mm is also available. In this case, however, the manufacturer tried to enrich the offer with a titanium version. The offers differ essentially only in the working time without recharging. A larger watch can be used without recharging for up to 2 weeks. The smaller one will last about a week.

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro – Features

The possibilities of this smartwatch are relatively similar to those we know from previous Huawei watches. Speech incl. about the ability to measure heart rate and monitor sleep quality, which has been kind of the norm for quite some time. The novelty is the possibility of carrying out an ECG, that is to say an electrocardiogram. Due to this, it will be much more accurate to measure, for example, the pulse during training. The results of the “test” can be freely transferred to a PDF file. Of course, one of the assumptions is that this watch should only be useful for overall health assessment, and not be a strictly medical device.

A whole bunch of sports modes (over 100) and a depth sensor have also been added here. Even underwater performance and stats can be tracked in the app. The GT3 Pro also has a Golf mode that helps users play golf. In addition, the GPS has been improved, which will be especially useful for runners and cyclists who cover long distances. All of our activities are sent to the Health app, where we can track all the stats. The rest of the standard functions, such as Bluetooth, receiving calls, weather forecasts, etc., have also found their way into the smartwatch.

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro – is it worth it?

Huawei has also added many extensions and features for iOS users. Including pay dials and the ability to freely control music from the phone. In the Huawei Zdrowie app, the tool base has also been updated with over 40 different functions. The price depends on the version of the watch.

It is a fact, however, that it is a premium product in this price segment, which is quickly entering a new generation of smartwatches. Improved functions, new possibilities, elegant design – everything a gadget enthusiast needs, as well as a person taking their first steps in the world of new technologies.

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