Measure your strength on intentions i.e. how to choose the best smartphone for yourself

It’s hard to imagine life without a smartphone today. They have essentially become the command center of our world. Finance, entertainment, media, social life – everything is available at all times and at your fingertips.

Let’s leave aside today the discussion of whether it is good or bad. I like to detox from time to time with a book in my hand and I prefer to meet my friends “face to face”. But the truth is, in a busy world, a smartphone is very important.

Of course, each of us has a different attitude towards him. For some, it’s just a working tool. For others – “czasoumilacz”. For the next – a show of the financial situation. Therefore, everyone will be guided by a different criterion when choosing a phone. In this text I will try to suggest how to approach it rationally. So as not to spend a fortune, and at the same time so that using the device is not a torture, but a pleasure. The assumption is that we are buying a new smartphone, not a used one.

You need to ask yourself a simple question…

At first, we need to figure out what the phone will be used for. We’ll pay attention to other things if we’re a driver and use it non-stop for navigation. Another thing if we are a young person living mainly on social networks. And on others, if we talk mostly on the phone.

This, of course, is related to the price of the device. Therefore, the next step will be to establish a budget. And it’s not that the more we have at our disposal, the easier it will be for us to choose a phone. Unfortunately, almost all smartphones force us to make compromises, of course, the cheaper the more. But if we have established priorities, we can safely abandon unnecessary things that increase the price. Example?

smartphone for work

Suppose we sit behind the wheel of a car all day and need efficient navigation. So first of all, we can ditch the flagship phones whose prices are mainly driven by advanced optics. Secondly – in this case it is better to opt for an IPS screen, not AMOLED, which the devices on the lower shelves have. The battery should not be our priority either, after all we can have the phone connected to the charger all the time. However, stereo speakers will be a handy accessory. The number of supported satellites is also important. In summary – the best choice for us will be something from the middle – lower shelf. So up to 1500 PLN.

Something else. Pictures. Of course, the best ones should work with the newest and most expensive phones. But when you take a closer look, it turns out that we’ve been stagnating in this area for quite some time. And fantastic photos can also be taken with cameras that are two or even three years old. And that means we still save a lot of money.

New is not always the best

Stock. Here, in my opinion, it is even advisable to choose an older phone. And that’s where we care about performance. If we go to something with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, we will have it, but very soon – the smartphone will heat up and performance will drop. And if we decide on a device with, for example, Snapdragon 870 – we will enjoy performance all the time.

Filter. If we want to have a nice picture, it is better to choose AMOLED, of course. But the resolution…Manufacturers sometimes pack in QHD devices, which of course comes with a higher price tag. And the difference between this and FHD on such a small screen is very hard to see. Again, the vast majority of users can safely choose a cheaper device.

Once we have established our needs and our budget, we can proceed with the selection.

All my wishes

If the list of priorities we have established shows that we have high requirements in all areas, but we cannot spend more than 3,000. zloty. – Let’s start looking in the lower flagship shelf. But not this year. We can easily start the review with devices from one or two years ago. The only limitation may be availability, as companies stop production of older models in order to sell new, not always better, versions. But if we can find something, we should be satisfied for a long time.


If performance is our priority, we should look for devices with the best processors. POCO and Motorola devices will take the lead here. Both manufacturers have in their portfolio phones with the most efficient chips of their years, which can easily cope with any task. They cost – well below 2000 PLN, which is as much as this year’s low average. The level of photos won’t be top, but still decent and because that’s not the most important thing for us in this case – no problem.

Go further. If our requirements are not excessive and we need a phone mainly for making calls and browsing the Internet, we should focus on a good screen and a mid-range processor. And this will be provided by devices such as Xiaomi, Samsung or realme for around 1500 PLN still available on the market.


And finally – if we treat the phone only as a utility – it makes no sense to pack some expensive smartphones. You have to take care of a big battery (this one is always useful) and a good quality of connections. We can easily adapt to the budget up to 1000 PLN. using for example Motorola. For Redmi smartphones that we will also buy for a similar price, I would personally be cautious. A malfunctioning proximity sensor in many models has caused many users to experience white fever.

There is a lesson to be learned from all of this, in my opinion. We don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy a good device suited to our needs. Either way, this year’s premieres don’t impress, and they’re expensive. Better to spend smart.

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