Musk thinks remote work has made people lazy. Economists explain how wrong he is

  • Elon Musk said COVID-19 ‘has got people saying you don’t really need to work hard’
  • Working from home hasn’t reduced employee productivity, three economists assess in an interview with the American Insider
  • The only limit to performance was having to take care of the children at home
  • You can find more information on the Onet homepage

Musk posted a comment below the tweet which was apparently a screenshot of his email to Tesla employees. Under the topic “Remote work is no longer accepted”, Musk wrote that “Anyone who wants to do remote work must be in the office for a minimum (I mean *minimum*) 40 hours per week or leave Tesla.

Although Musk has not confirmed the authenticity of this email, when asked if such a strict work policy at the office is no longer outdated, he replied: “[Ci ludzie] they should pretend to work somewhere else.”

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