Pirat Canal + Polska Cyfrowy Polsat fined PLN 2.5 million illegal supply of signal from pay TV platforms

The man responsible for the practice was arrested in December 2019. According to the police findings, he cooperated with other so-called and together with them he created an infrastructure for illegal sharing of TV programs using the Internet sharing method.

During the with the economic crime of the provincial police headquarters in Olsztyn, it was established that a resident of Mrągowo for several years had illegally provided satellite TV channels via the Internet in the full program package available on the market. Tothe servant costs 360 PLN per year, which is much less than the legal subscription. He invested the money he raised in cryptocurrencies and real estate. He hid his funds through virtual wallets and bank accounts opened on the so-called posts.

The activities were carried out in three voivodships – Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Wielkopolskie and Śląskie – by officers from the Dw county. with Economic Crime from Provincial Police Headquarters in Olsztyn, Dw. with Cybercrime from Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań and Court of Justice with Cybercrime from Provincial Police Headquarters in Katowice.

Documents, telephones, SIM cards, servers, electronic equipment, TV decoders, around thirty subscriber cards belonging to the Canal + and Polsat Box platforms as well as cryptocurrencies – 20 BTC (Bitcoin) were secured on site. After examination of the secure material by an expert, it was found that 600 recipients were using the servers, and the author operated in the period from October 2016 to December 2019.

Total losses incurred by media companies, are estimated at around 6 million PLN.

2.5 million fines for pirating Canal+ and Cyfrowy Polsat content

The accused was found guilty of committing the alleged offence. 2On April 0, 2022, the Olsztyn District Court, II Criminal Division, sentenced the defendant to one year’s imprisonment, suspended for three years. To the injured – Canal + Polska and Cyfrowy Polsat – the accused must pay a total of 2.5 million PLN as compensation. Broadcasters, Canal + Polska, the court awarded PLN 1 million in damages, and Cyfrowy Polsat PLN 1.5 million.

In addition, the Court issued a penal measure in the form of making the judgment public by placing a copy of the judgment with a note of its validity on the notice board in the building of the town hall in Mrągowo for a period of 6 months . The judgment is final.

This is a record amount in the history of the fight against partition in Poland.

What is the crime of sharing

The sharing offense is the illegal distribution of subscriber card rights and making these rights available to unauthorized persons through unauthorized devices via the Internet.

The sharing process involves the giver – offering an illegal service, and the receiver – the person to whom the television is provided. The donor commits an offense referred to in Article 6, and the recipient, in Article 7 of the law relating to the protection of certain services provided by electronic means based on or consisting of conditional access:

Article 6 reads as follows: Who, in order to use them on the market, manufactures prohibited devices or places them on the market, is liable to imprisonment for up to 3 years”. Providers of prohibited services are liable to the same penalty.

Article 7 deals with the penalty restriction or imprisonment of up to one year for possession or use of a prohibited device. – If the perpetrator uses a prohibited device solely for his own purposes, he is liable to a fine – reads the provision.

In the first quarter of this year. The capital group Cyfrowy Polsat recorded a turnover of 2.99 billion PLN (almost the same as the previous year) and a drop in the net profit of the parent company by 44.8%. up to PLN 214.9 million.

Revenue from individual and business customers increased by 3.5%. up to 1.72 billion zlotys. As indicated in the report, this is the result of the effective implementation of our customer value creation strategy, which is reflected in the strong ARPU growth momentum, as well as in connection with the consolidation of the results of Premium Mobile from July 2021.

The number of multiplay service customers increased by 3%. up to 2.5 million The number of contracted services with B2C customers increased by more than 200,000. up to 13.4 million The average monthly revenue per customer contract (ARPU) of B2C services increased by 3.9 %. up to PLN 69.8. B2C customer churn is consistently at the 6.8% level. on an annual basis and is declining.

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