Samsung Lifestyle TV for 2022 consists of 6 different devices

Samsung has refreshed the portfolio of devices in the Lifestyle TV category. They include four televisions and two projectors, thanks to which we can enjoy high image quality not only at home, but also on the terrace or when traveling.

The Frame: technology and art

The framework and his Image design go beyond the classic TV frame. It is a combination of art and technology. Due to artistic fashion on the screen you can admire paintings and graphics from the collections of the best galleries and museums in the world or your own photos. This year’s impressions are reinforced by the new Matte screen coatingwhich virtually eliminates light reflections. Combined with optional interchangeable bezels available in different styles and colors, the screen fits perfectly into the interior design. The frames are magnetic making replacement quick and easy. Included with the screen is offered Matching handlewhich allows you to mount the TV on the wall to make it look like a picture.

The 2022 Framework

The Frame is an excellent TV that can successfully become a home entertainment center. Technology QLED in collaboration with 100% color intensity translates to a billion colors in any light. A powerful processor will also take care of the quality while watching 4K Quantum AIwhich is responsible, among other things, for image upscaling up to 4K.

The new The Frame is now available in Poland in six sizes: from 43″ for 6,499 PLN to 85″ for 22,999 PLN.

Freestyle: unlimited fun

portable projector free style is a new product category in the Lifestyle family. By introducing this model, Samsung has shown that there is still room for new solutions that meet the specific needs of viewers and fit into their lifestyle. The Freestyle removes restrictions and transfers functions Smart-TV also outside the living room of the house. The device is perfect for out-of-town outings or spontaneous evenings with friends. It combines the advantages of mobile devices, that is, low weight and dimensions, with a rotatable case and the ability to get an image up to 100 inches. The image can be displayed on virtually any surface and from any angle. Above all, the projector can be powered by power bank. Complements visual impressions 360° soundthanks to the 5 watt woofer.

Freestyle 2022

Operating the Freestyle is child’s play. The projector is always ready to play and requires virtually no installation. Automatic image adjustment is a set of functions that adjust the displayed image to the surface: auto-leveling, auto-sharpening, and auto-keystone correction will take care of the optimal settings. After launch, viewers will see – familiar to many – a menu with access to the full range of functions Samsung smart TV.

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The Serif: unconditionally beautiful

wheelbase is a TV that will fit perfectly into any space and give it a unique character. The iconic design with the shape of the letter “I” makes the device beautiful from all sides. This year he also won Matte screen coatingwhich not only minimizes light reflections while viewing, but is an added visual benefit and a nice finish. This television is just as effective displayed on a designer chest of drawers as it is mounted on a metal stand that fits perfectly into the elegant frame of the device.

wheelbase 2022

The Serif is available in three sizes (43″, 49″ and 55″) and two color variants (white and blue).

The Terrace: outdoor TV

The terrace is a TV for lovers of entertainment and spending time outdoors – on the terrace or in the garden. This product does IP55 certificatewhich means it is resistant to weather conditions such as rain, dust, humidity and insects. It combines high image quality QLED 4K with valuable clarity 2000 rivetsthanks to which it will perform well in various conditions. The add-on is an anti-reflective coating that prevents light reflections, which is especially important when viewing outdoors.

The Terrace 2022

The decking is available in three sizes – 55”, 65” and 75”.

The Sero: mobile content on the big screen

TV Sero he stands out above all Rotating screen. The TV screen connected wirelessly to the smartphone changes orientation depending on the position of the mobile device screen – from horizontal to vertical and vice versa – adapting to the content being watched or needs of the user. It brings ease of use and mobile experiences to the big screen. Simply touch the mobile device to the screen case and function Touch and display will immediately mirror the content to your TV. This year, The Sero also received Matte screen coatingwhich reduces glare for a comfortable viewing experience.

The Sero 2022

La Première: cinema at home

Projector The first one will help create a cinematic experience at home. Connects Triple laser technology with maximum brightness 2800 lumensthat meets the standards ANSI (American National Standards Institute), offering 4K resolution and an image full of detail and color. The device supports Filmmaker modewhich lets you watch movies the way their creators intended. Due to the high brightness, the projector guarantees comfortable viewing even during the day.

The high-quality picture is complemented by sound. The projector comes with 40 watt speakers in 4.2 format and integrated woofers. In turn, the technology used here Acoustic beam further enhances the panoramic sound experience.

The Premiere 2022

The Premiere is a projector with Ultra short range. This means that the device can be placed close to the wall. For instance, To get a 100-inch screen, just move it less than 12 cm from the wall.

The Premiere is available in two variants – 130 inch LSP9T and 120 inch LSP7T.

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Photo source: Samsung, Mieszko Zagańszyk / Telepolis

Text source: Samsung

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