Save lives – with VIVE and 4 HELP VR

Virtual reality is entering our real world more and more boldly, proving that it works in all situations. It is used by the biggest companies, literally in every industry and at many stages of training and production. Training of all kinds and courses in VR are one of the fastest and fastest growing trends in the world, because thanks to them we acquire knowledge faster and more willingly. Research by shows that through virtual reality learning, 86% of students improved their test scores, 97% showed greater interest in lectures, 98% of participants had better understanding of difficult subjects and 97% were satisfied with the next courses.

Virtual reality medical training is an area of ​​fascinating possibilities. It not only stirs the imagination of science fiction fans, but also that of clinical researchers and real doctors. Although the field is relatively new, examples of the positive impact of VR on the lives of patients and the work of doctors are growing.

The Wrocław-based company 4 HELP VR decided to use the potential of virtual reality by creating a virtual reality first aid course. The 4 HELP VR training was created for all companies and educational institutions that use or organize OHS and first aid training themselves. It provides a reliable tool, thanks to which we will save time, reduce expenses and obtain unbeatable results. The HELP VR Kit for First Aid consists of a phantom, VIVE Focus 3 VR Kit with proprietary software. The First Aid and OHS program guarantees training and the acquisition of practical skills to save lives in a very short time. A modern form of first aid education gives better results and meets COVID-19 hygiene standards.

HTC Vive Focus 1a

First aid and health and safety training has moved to the virtual world. It gives invaluable experience of saving the life of the injured person, increases the sense of self-confidence in a real life-threatening situation and provides education in the field of occupational safety. First Aid and OHS VR is an innovative training solution. This makes first aid training more realistic and engaging. Each training has an individual course, and the virtual trainer gives each student exactly the attention they need at any given time.

Virtual reality is an image, a sound, a space and a touch, all closed in the world of technology. By testing various situations in the virtual world with the use of 4 VR HELPs and VIVE Focus 3 professional VR glasses, the training participant gains an advantage at the time of real events. Virtual reality allows you to mirror scene conditions without any negative side effects of errors. You practice, consolidate and learn new skills, thereby boosting your self-confidence and reducing stress. – said Grzegorz Kobuszewski, CEO of 4 HELP VR.

HTC Vive Focus 5

The First Aid and OHS training program, 4 Help VR uses an innovative technological solution, basing its operation on specialized VIVE equipment synchronized with proprietary software with high technical parameters. It virtually recreates a life-threatening situation, in which it takes the user to a fictional place of the event, for example, to the street where the victim is, who needs help.

In the virtual world of the training participant, a trainer guides you step by step on how to proceed. The instructions are given by gestures, texts and sound signals. The voice of the assistant explains what to do and when. The virtual world, scenario and gamification elements give unforgettable moments and guarantee fun, and at the same time participants learn about such an important issue as emergency first aid.

HTC Vive Focus 4

The 4 Help VR program includes training on:

  • Security at the scene of the incident
  • Calls for help
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Automated External Defibrillator Applications in CPR
  • Monitoring of lateral position and vital signs
  • Procedure with a traumatic victim

The effects speak for themselves, the program guarantees a 5 times faster memorization process, learning through play and above all, each of us can learn to save human lives. The latest research on virtual reality proves that if we experience something, the next time our attitude and reaction to the threat will be faster, more confident and therefore more effective.

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