Sony introduces the new X-series mobile speakers

A speaker that plays loud sound is necessary to have a party together. Each model uses X-Balanced Speaker Unit technology and two passive diaphragms. The result is more dynamic, less distorted bass, high sound quality and high sound pressure, providing energy for the whole night.

Powerful party sound

Loud speaker XG300 combines the club-like deep bass provided by the MEGA BASS function with the clear highs provided by the built-in tweeters. The LIVE SOUND function lets you capture the unique ambience of a live performance and quickly transition from club to concert. Having fun together can be enriched with colors, a speaker XG300 lets you turn on mood light that syncs to the beat of the music.

Its uniform and wide

Speakers XE300 and XE200 are based on the unique Sony LineShape Diffuser technology, thanks to which the sound reaches all the participants of the event. Inspired by concert audio systems, Sony Line-Shape Diffuser technology evenly distributes sound so it carries wider and farther, and everyone in the game hears their favorite songs the same way. Speakers in the recommended upright position XE300 and XE200 offer all the advantages of this technology. You can also mute the speaker and listen to stereo sound using the Sony | Music Center.

Loud rhythm everywhere

The three speakers are designed to be transported easily. Model XG300 it has a convenient retractable handle, making it easy to carry, and when hidden it looks great in any environment. Speakers XE300 and XE200 They combine small dimensions and weight with a powerful sound, which makes them perfect for the outdoors, outdoors. Model XE200 it also has a practical shoulder strap to always have it at hand. Just press the play button to listen to your favorite music.

No obstacles to listening to music

All speakers are IP67 rated, so the party can take place in any condition, without worrying about the speaker splashing in the pool or dust floating on the beach. Speakers XE300 and XE200 have been tested extensively for shock and impact resistance, and their design ensures resistance to shock and abrasion in everyday use.

A long-lasting battery for long events

All three new models feature high-performance batteries that, when fully charged, will last the whole party. Fully charged speaker XG300 can play 25 hours, speaker XE300 – 24 hours a XE200 – 16 hours. All three speakers have a quick charge function, thanks to which, after a short charge of only 10 minutes, music can be played for 70 minutes. The battery protection feature prevents overcharging and keeps the speaker’s battery in optimal condition for longer. For models XE300 and XE200 this function can be activated in the Sony | Music Center app.

Speakers XE300 and XE200 They are also equipped with Sony’s unique Ambient Noise Sensing technology which analyzes outside noise using a microphone sensor. This function allows you to reduce power consumption when listening outside. All three models are equipped with echo cancellation, which allows two people to speak simultaneously without any sound interruption. Speakers XE300 and XE200 they also allow you to mute the microphone by pressing the MIC Mute button.

Function party connection on all three speakers lets you connect up to 100 compatible wireless speakers via BLUETOOTH® and sync them to enjoy powerful sound together. The stereo mode feature lets you wirelessly connect two speakers for wider stereo sound. Both functions are enabled in the Sony | Music Center.

For the sake of sustainable development

Sony product designers care not only about style, but also about the environment. Internal speaker components XE300 and XE200 contain recycled plastic specially developed for Sony. It was created after many years of research and design work carried out to achieve the high audio standards required by Sony. In addition, the use of recycled paper means that the share of plastics in unit packaging, including extrusion replacing polystyrene, does not exceed 5%.

Speakers XG300, XE300, XE200 will go on sale in July 2022.

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