Sopot e-scooter operator fined for confusion with fees

The President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection has imposed a fine in the amount of PLN 750,000 on the electric scooter operator Logo-Sharing from Sopot. zloty. This is to violate the collective interests of consumers.

Company Logo sharing from Sopot, she was responsible for renting scooters in tourist destinations. The Competition and Consumer Protection Office has received numerous complaints from people using these vehicles, as well as information from the trade inspectorate and consumer ombudsmen, taking action appropriate to the circumstances. it turned out that many consumers were unaware that paying for a trip, they order a recurring subscription. So, from their accounts, depending on the plan, 20 PLN or 50 PLN per day, 100 PLN per week or 300 PLN per month.

To ride a scooter, the consumer had to install the app and agree to the regulations 19 A4 pagesenter your card number and select a plan (for example, the name of one of them is “20 PLN / dayPASS day. You start for free and you will benefit from 40 minutes of driving/day”). By clicking the “Activate” button, many people she unknowingly accepted an automatic subscription. Consumers had difficult access to information on how to opt outwhich means they could afford it for a long time. Thus, desktop notifiers lost several hundred or even several thousand. zloty. Also, they had no option to contact company employees directly – the company provided the hotline number it was played on. record answers to frequently asked questions.

The consumer is entitled to expect that, before purchasing the service, the entrepreneur will provide him with the most important information about his conditions – including the price. The financial implications are the main determining factor whether or not the client will use the services. The complaints we have received show that scooter rentals were often chosen spontaneously by holidaymakers who did not realize that they had ordered a subscription. The applications with which we order such a ride must be simple and understandable, without a hitch, multi-page regulations and a long legal analysis. From the start, the consumer must know what he is paying and how much. The Logo-Sharing mobile app did not provide it.

– said Tomasz Chróstny, President of the UOKiK

In his decision, the president of the UOKiK wonders:

  • Giving the impression that a consumer was buying a one-time ride on a scooter, it was an automatic paid subscription. The packages available in the application: “20 PLN / PASS day day”, “100 PLN / PASS week week”, “300 PLN / PASS month month” were in fact the frequency of withdrawing money from the account, and not the time during which it was possible to use scooters. There was no unambiguous marking in the application that would explain this to the customer.
  • No information about the price and time of the conclusion of the contract and the method of its termination. They must appear before placing the order, so that the consumer knows under what conditions he is purchasing the service.
  • Do not mark the button to place an order with the mention “order with payment obligation” or equivalent.

For violating the collective interests of consumers, the President of the UOKiK imposed on Logo-Sharing Sp. z oo Sp. k. in Sopot a fine in the amount of PLN 744,472. Information about the decision must be published in a national newspaper at the contractor’s expense. The decision is final.

UOKiK Logo Sharing Penalty

UOKiK and lawsuit against a Georgia company

Interestingly, as of May 2021, Logo-Sharing from Sopot is no longer an electric scooter operator. The company took over this role Logo-Sharing LLC registered in Tbilisi (Georgia). Against the latter, the UOKiK is also taking legal action for harm to the collective interests of consumers.

About the activities of the two companies The president of the UOKiK informed the prosecution. The proceedings in the case take place Sopot Municipal Police Headquarters. People who believe they have been misled and led to an adverse disposition of their property can report it to the police. The president of the office also addressed stores offering applications for mobile phones, such as AppStore, AppGallery and Google Play, to remove the LOGO Sharing application from their offer. As a result, these websites made it impossible to download the deceptive app on mobile devices, which saved consumers from unwanted services and payments.

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Photo source: press material, UOKiK

Text source: UOKiK

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