Take your filming to the next level with popular camera drones

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In this article you will find information about the following camera drones:

  • DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo drone – check out the offer
  • XIAOMI Fimi X8 Mini Pro – check out the offer
  • Overmax X-Bee Drone Fold One – check the offer
  • DJI Mini SE – check out the offer
  • Drone DJI Air 2S (Mavic Air 2S) – check the offer

DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo Drone

According to data from the Skąpiec.pl price comparison engine, DJI drones are currently the most popular. DJI is a Chinese company engaged in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles for aerial photography and videography which has achieved huge success around the world. One of the interesting models at an average price (taking into account all the offer of this manufacturer) is the Mini 2. It provides recordings in 4K resolution with 30 frames per second and a transmission range of up to 6 km . The battery allows about half an hour of flight. As the name suggests, this is an extremely compact model that weighs only 249g, which is important when you want to take it with you on vacation. A three-axis gimbal is responsible for the stability of video recordings. QuickShots helps you create unique shots.

XIAOMI Fimi X8 Mini Pro

Xiaomi also offers a very interesting drone at a relatively low price. It weighs almost the same as the DJI Mini 2, offers a range of up to 8 km, a 4K camera and a GPS system. The battery lasts for half an hour of flight time and can be charged via a USB Type-C port. The manufacturer has used a three-axis gimbal, Wi-Fi connection and many functions to ensure safe flight, which are standard in more expensive drones. . These are among others Return to home, protection against theft in restricted areas or wind warnings.

Overmax X-Bee Drone Fold One

The cheapest proposition in this comparison is the popular Overmax X-Bee Drone Fold One drone. Despite its small price, it offers decent settings and some useful functions. The drone weighs 249 g and its range is 300 meters. It belongs to the C0 class, which means you don’t need permission to control it. The remote control has a holder where you can put a smartphone to follow the flight path on its screen. The camera records in 4K resolution and is equipped with a wide-angle lens with a 120-degree field of view. When shooting, it helps to automatically rotate it 90 degrees from side to side and maintain a constant flight altitude. The drone has a headless and automatic return to home function, i.e. in the direction of movement of the control stick, regardless of the position of the drone in the air.


The Mini SE drone is an inexpensive proposition from DJI. Its great advantage is its small size, 30 minutes of flight time on a single charge and a maximum ceiling of up to 3 km (HD transmission range of up to 2 km). It features an f/2.8 lens with an 83-degree field of view, which records video at 2.7K resolution, either 2720×1530 25/30 frames per second or Full HD (1920×1080 25/30/ 50/60 frames per second). The DJI Fly app in Polish helps in the preparation of exceptional aerial shots. The aircraft is equipped with a three-axis gimbal, downward vision system and GPS. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for someone just starting their adventure with sky videography.

Drone DJI Air 2S (Mavic Air 2S)

At the other price point compared to the Mini SE is the Air 2S, which costs around 5000. zloty. This is equipment that will work in the hands of a professional, but an amateur can also handle it. The drone allows you to take photos (also in RAW format) at a resolution of 20 Mpx and 5.4K 30fps or 4K 60fps videos. It is equipped with many additional functions, including creative functions such as MasterShots and Active Track 4.0. It is expensive equipment, but the manufacturer has taken care of its safety. Four-way obstacle detection and the AirSense system (detects airplanes and helicopters) ensure hassle-free flight. The drone weighs less than 600g and is foldable, so it can still be said to be a compact design. The Air 2S’ camera offers excellent resolution, tonal range and color reproduction. Even movies shot at night make an electrifying impression.

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