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The advantages of using construction ceramics

When planning the construction of a single-family building with a small development area, we must focus on healthy, natural and high-quality materials that will realistically translate into our future quality of life. In such projects, innovative system solutions in building ceramics will be perfect.

The healthiest and most durable structural building materials are those that are made from natural products and without the use of chemically assisted technology. They are also products and technologies that support the natural processes of water vapor diffusion and, in the case of brick walls, also drying.

These include ceramic products such as porous blocks. Their main ingredient is clay, which makes them friendly to nature and humans when used.

The high firing temperature of the ceramic blocks of around 900°C and the modern technology of joining them with a dry mortar ensure that the walls are dry and resistant to the development of fungi, safe for health and free of allergens. The firing process is also a guarantee of the durability of the material and the structure for many generations.

In addition, the high accumulation properties of modern porous ceramics are their undoubted advantage over other solutions. They allow you to achieve a very high thermal insulation coefficient even without the use of an additional external insulation layer.

The minimization of energy losses is ensured in particular by walls constructed of Porotherm ceramic hollow bricks of type T, i.e. with integrated thermal insulation made of mineral wool and connected with Porotherm Dryfix mortar – a modern form of mortar without water.

How can we speed up the construction process?

When deciding to build a house, it is worth using ready-made system solutions from building ceramics. System solutions mean that we do not use a product from a selected manufacturer, but the complete package.

Each element of the set is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly with others, facilitates and speeds up construction work, and achieves the best effect, without errors in execution. An excellent solution is to use porous building ceramics in the form of ready-made system solutions, such as Porotherm Dryfix.

Porotherm 25 Dryfix block with dry mortar. Wienerberger’s photo

This system, made up of hollow blocks and a suitable dry mortar, allows the construction of all types of exterior walls (with one, two and three layers) and interiors (load-bearing walls and partitions).

In addition to the basic elements of the system, namely hollow bricks, the offer of total solutions from the manufacturer also includes half elements and corner elements, as well as complementary products, such as dedicated mortar in the form of foam ready to use or suitable tools. .

The use of Porotherm Dryfix mortar allows masonry twice as fast compared to traditional methods. Applying the mortar is simple and easy, you don’t need to prepare it, mix it and wait for it to dry. This choice also has other advantages: it keeps the site clean.

House in the e4 concept

It is important to think about the house as a whole in the years that we will use it. This approach translates into practice in the Wienerberger e4 house concept, which involves the construction of a modern, low-emission ceramic house that meets all current requirements, but takes into account aspects such as:

  • energy and economywhich relate to modern construction technologies and heating or ventilation systems, allowing the production of thermal energy by the building and the reduction of its losses with balanced construction costs,
  • ecology, which involves the use of renewable and clean energy sources and natural building materials. Due to the independence from fossil fuels and the use of solar energy, it is possible to eliminate harmful CO emissions2 to the atmosphere,
  • emotions and health – the house should be built with high quality healthy materials, give residents the opportunity to breathe clean air with adequate humidity, sleep comfortably and provide the right temperature and light.

source and photos: Wienerberger, Porotherm brand


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