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Samsung The Frame is a TV that has made believe that the largest home screen can become an effective addition to any interior. Its unique frame design, extensive customization options – interchangeable frames and various mounting options – and a dedicated art store open up many new options for arranging the space. This year, thanks to the use of the new matte screen coating, the works on display are impressive and the effects are truly spectacular.

  • This year The Frame gained a new matte screen coating[1]. Works presented on screen will now look even closer to the originals – without distracting light reflections.
  • Image Design in combination with the possibility of choosing the size and color of the mat and the possibility of replacing the frames opens up many new possibilities in terms of adapting the screen to the style of the apartment and the preferences of the users .
  • With Art Mode and access to the Art Store[2] the screen will be filled with masterpieces from the collections of prestigious galleries and museums. It will also successfully become a medium for your own memories and photos.
  • QLED technology combined with 100% color intensity results in a billion perfect colors in any light. The high-performance AI Quantum 4K processor, which e.g. for upscaling the image to 4K.

The Frame: art even closer to the ideal

The Frame TV, which redefined the role of the screen in the home, brings another big change this year. With the new matte screen coating, viewers will enjoy stunning images with virtually no glare. The effect is amazing. Thanks to the technology used, artificial and natural light does not reflect on the screen, allowing you to watch your favorite series or contemplate a work of art full of details and textures that escaped before – all this even on a sunny day without light reflections.

When it comes to art, The Frame is a platform for showcasing images, graphics, and photos relevant to our times. OF artistic fashion the living room of the house will become a private art gallery and the images shown are a perfect copy of the original, whether a photographic print or a painting on canvas. The new matte screen coating and the built-in light sensor, which constantly analyzes the lighting in the room, automatically adjust the brightness of the displayed image.

One of the features of The Frame is Image design[3], which is kind of a dot on the “i”. The framed TV looks even better when displayed on the wall, also among other pictures. Choose from a variety of styles and color options, so you can match it to your interior. Interchangeable frames are magnetic, making replacement quick and easy. A matching stand is available with the screen[4]which allows you to mount the TV on the wall to make it look like a picture.

The frame allows you to display your own photos in an interesting form – you can choose from a mat in 5 designs and 16 color variants. It also gives you the opportunity to use more than 1,600 works from the most renowned galleries in the world, which are offered as part of the art store. art store[5]. Choose from the world’s most popular works of art, including classic and modern art, as well as photography and graphic design.

The Frame from a technology perspective

The Frame has just as much to offer when it comes to home entertainment. The screen in QLED technology combined with 100% color intensity, thanks to Quantum Dot technology, gives a billion perfect colors, whatever the brightness. Samsung has also used a powerful Quantum 4K AI processor, which is, among other things, for upscaling images to 4K using artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. As a result, the displayed content, whose source is for example Full HD, can be viewed in a resolution close to 4K[6]. The Eye Comfort function, on the other hand, will automatically adjust the image brightness and color temperature according to the time of day and the intensity of natural outside light. Thus, the image will be more friendly and gentle on the eye.

When it comes to accessing entertainment and additional functions, viewers can rely on a wide range of Samsung solutions, known e.g. of the Neo QLED series. The new Smart Hub is an even better management center and a way to find your favorite movies and shows from the convenient menu. You can choose from popular VOD apps such as Netflix, HBO Max or Player.

The viewing experience is enhanced by powerful sound. Following Object Sound technology and built-in speaker system (2.0.2) along with Dolby Atmos® technology will let you enjoy realistic surround sound[7]. The frame also offers a Q-Symphony feature that allows your TV speakers to sync with a compatible Samsung Q-Series soundbar, delivering amplified, immersive sound for an even more intense experience.

The Frame TV is available in seven sizes: 85, 75, 65, 55, 50, 43, 32 inches.


[1] The first matte screen coating certified Glare Free by UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

[2] A paid subscription is required to enjoy all artworks in the Art Store. Artwork in the Art Store is subject to change without notice.

[3] Frame availability may vary by country. Interchangeable frames are sold separately.

[4] The space between the back of the TV and the wall may vary depending on the installation and the type of wall.

[5] A paid subscription is required to enjoy all artworks in the Art Store. Artwork in the Art Store is subject to change without notice.

[6] The quality of content displayed may vary depending on content type and format. AI upscaling (using artificial intelligence) to near 4K quality may not apply to PC connection and Game mode. 32″ model has Hyper Real processor .

[7] Dolby Atmos audio source required. The 43″ and 50″ models have the Follow Object lite and virtual height speakers. The 32″ model has the Follow Object Sound Lite function without Dolby Atmos technology.

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