What about the authenticity of the Lewandowski-Kucharski recordings. The prosecution has opinions [TYLKO U NAS]

  • The prosecution has accused Cezary Kucharski of blackmailing Bayern Munich footballer Robert Lewandowski and disclosing a professional secret. However, he threatens up to 3 years in prison
  • Recordings of conversations between Lewandowski and Kucharski are key evidence for the prosecution in the case
  • The former agent of “Lewy” does not admit the alleged acts and claims to have led negotiations aimed at ending the cooperation and accounting for his contribution to RL Management, that is to say the company which marketed the image of the footballer
  • Kucharski’s defenders believe that “the recordings do not meet the requirement of authenticity” and support the commissioned phonoscopic expertise
  • The prosecution has commissioned experts to examine the recordings and the media on which the conversations were recorded
  • “Experts in the field of informatics and phonoscopy in the aforementioned notices did not reveal any trace of manipulation of the recordings of the subject’s conversations, and they did not in any way question the materials submitted for the search” – point out the investigators
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Business Insider Polska discovered the indictment, which the Warsaw Regional Prosecutor’s Office returned to court. Investigators accuse Cezary Kucharski (he agreed to release the data and release the image) that between September 2019 and September 2020 he repeatedly threatened Robert Lewandowski to spread information about alleged tax irregularities linked to the Bayern Munich player’s company – RL management. According to investigators, the agent was claiming 20 million euros for his silence. The second allegation concerns Kucharski’s disclosure of copies of advertising contracts, incl. with Coca Cola or Nike, football matches with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich and the tax documents of Lewandowski and his wife Anna.

The former manager of a Bayern footballer faces 3 years in prison. He does not recognize the alleged acts.

Key evidence

The most important evidence in the case are two meetings with Kucharski recorded by Lewandowski. The first took place in September 2019 at the Kempinski Hotel in Munich, the second took place in January 2020 at the Baczewskich Restaurant in Warsaw. Plenipotentiary of “Lewy” prof. Tomasz Siemiątkowski attached them to the alleged crime notification, which became the basis for opening the investigation.

It was during these talks – according to prosecutors – that Kucharski said he wanted 20 million euros from Lewandowski. Why?

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